Monday, September 19, 2016

Is It Just Me Or Is There A Whole Lot Of Really Stupid People In This Country?

I mean, there has to be if Obama thinks anyone is going to believe this line of Horseshit.

NEW YORK – President Barack Obama on Sunday praised Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her intellect, fortitude and "unerring" judgment and blasted "the other guy," Republican Donald Trump, on his New York home turf as unqualified to be president and uninterested in learning enough to make the hard decisions the job requires.

Obama addressed a dinner crowd of about 65 people at a fundraiser at the Gramercy Park home of restaurateur Danny Meyer and his wife, Audrey. Attendees contributed $25,000. Event co-chairs gave $100,000, while chairs raised or contributed $250,000, officials said. Proceeds will benefit the Democratic National Committee, state parties and the Clinton campaign.

"This is somebody who is smart, who is tough and, most importantly, cares deeply about making sure that this country works for everybody and not just a few," Obama said of Clinton. "And she's displayed it again and again and again. And when I said that I think she is somebody who is as qualified as any individual who has ever run for this office, I meant it."

Obama said Clinton has been disciplined and extraordinarily effective in every job she's held.

"And then there's the other guy," he said, drawing laughter. "You all know him because he's from New York. Some of you may have done business with him. If you have, it doesn't sound like it's been a pleasant experience."

Let's not mince any words here OK?

The woman belongs in fucking jail, period.

Mr. Obama is flirting with accessory after the fact if he keeps this shit up in my opinion.

We all know politicians lie but even if the FBI has declined to prosecute, there are still investigations pending.
Some people act like the results of those investigations are already in and she is going t skate away.

What a surprise that would be.



Nangleator said...

We've got one candidate who gets caught in a lie nearly every time he opens his mouth. His "success" in his professional life is marred by thousands of lawsuits, and many bankruptcies. There is strong evidence of financial entanglement with the government of Russia, whose dictator he openly admires. He can't run a campaign without stepping on his dick every day.

Our other candidate has been accused of crimes including murder on an almost continuous basis for decades, with many investigations, including congressional and federal, and nothing as illegal as jaywalking has ever been proven. And yet millions of people are convinced, and will be convinced until their dying day that she's actually guilty of everything she's ever been accused of. Frankly, you must think she's the most powerful super-genius criminal ever even conceived.

Which do you want on your side? Which do you want leading our country?

Anonymous said...

the saying justice is blind, do add deaf, mute, and stupid

am my own leader


Sixbears said...

Nope . . .it's not just you. :)

Moe said...

Obvious to most that all supporters of Hillary are weak minded. Mostly the same retards that supported the Halfrican

I don't give one damn how many lies Donald has told or how he's ran his business.

TRUMP 2016

Nangleator said...

You don't care how many lies he's told... you believe him?

Yup. Hillary supporters sure are weak-minded.

Anonymous said...

It is great entertainment though!

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