Saturday, September 17, 2016

Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face

I don't often link to pieces like this but there is much truth contained therein.

A lot of what is wrong with this country and the current crop of males in certain other countries, can be found there.

After you read that I want you to remember a few things about me.

I have had my nose broken nine times and have had teeth knocked out of my head more than once.

I have had a German Luger pointed at my head by a scared old man from six inches away who's hands were shaking so badly I knew I was a goner except I was fast enough to knock his hand away.

I have been in over fifty car wrecks and ten motorcycle accidents.

Had to have my lower back fused thirty years ago after the last one.

Three days after major surgery they fitted me with a custom back brace that I still have and I got up later that day and snuck out of the hospital to a store three blocks away. Uphill in San Francisco and back again to get cigarettes and booze. It was a steep hill too.
Those nurses freaked the fuck out when I sauntered back in past the nurses desk with my arms full of grocery bags.
I came back in the wrong door.

I have had my head pounded on the edge of a curb and have been beaten so badly that blood leaked out of the corner of my eye for three days and half of my face turned black and blue.
I have played tackle football with no pads and no helmets against guys twice my size, on the front line.

The list goes on and on and on, I could write a book and no one would believe some of the shit I have done.
In short, even though I have always been very skinny and have had my ass kicked from here to breakfast and back more times than I care to remember, no one will ever be able to call me a pussy, because I'm not.

Sure, talk is cheap, especially on the internet but I have the scars, the witnesses and the medical records to prove it.

Now we have an entire generation of kids who piss down their legs when you say something they don't like and have to run to their little Safe Space because they can't deal with controversy.
They are doomed.


B said...

Slow clap...

Anonymous said...

the males are wimpy if not trying to sex change



Sixbears said...

What? No trigger warning?

Damn, I hate that.

It was tough growing up in a dying mill town. Always seemed to get into fights with older guys or too darn many of them at once.

Phil said...

It seems we have something else in common, I also spent most of my youth in Mill towns. Both of my Grandfathers worked in Mills and so did my Father when I was young.
95% of those Mills are long gone now.

Unknown said...

Sheltered life? Just kidding, a while back I totaled my collection from 2 tours, 15years as a cop, 17 years hangi g with bikers and construction workers. I must say, I stand in awe sir. But, it teaches honor and courage. You sir, have both.

Grog said...

I knew there was a reason we formed a mutual respect the first time we met. ;)

Seriously, though, your words have a razor sharp edge, so many people believe that what they see on the tube is reality, it's scary to think of that when everything really goes to shit, they'll be blind in their desperation to maintain their illusion of reality, however they can.

Moe said...

Dang, you're as rough as a corn cob.


Phil said...

I'll tell ya what. even though I am pretty much a skinny old man now, people don't fuck with me.
They can see it in my eyes and the way I carry myself.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya brother.
I used to work in Customer Service.


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