Sunday, September 11, 2016

Goin' To The Gun Show

They have a big one over in Portland this weekend so me and a couple of guys are going to hook up and go see what they have. Since that fucking cocksucker of an AG here in Washington thinks he is going to pass a ban then all bets are off bitch.
I doubt that I'll actually buy a rifle because of course money is tight but don't think for a second that ol' Uncle Phil ain't got some evil plans in the works already, regardless of that.

At the very least, 80% lowers are an option and I can afford a couple of those if need be.
One way or another there is an EBR in my future, even if I have to build it.

I have a feeling the place is going to be rather busy today for some reason.

You know, some people just don't learn.
They think they can just pull laws out of their asses and everyone will automatically just bend knee.
Fuck, you. Ain't, happening.

I have news for some really ignorant sonsabitches.
This country was founded by law breakers and there is a long tradition of ignoring laws in this country, tens of thousands of them daily, especially ones that tell someone they can't have something that was previously common.

Apparently they have never heard of Prohibition.

Looks to me like 80% lowers are going to be the new Bathtub Gin.



Peter said...

Folks need to look up "irredeemable". Instead of a regular definition, there's a picture of a half-dozen 80% receivers of various kinds. Not true, of course, but it sure would slow down idiots like that AG.

Anonymous said...

whatever they ban by law creates an underground market for


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