Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anyone Heard From FEMA Lately?

I have seen lots of news articles about the Cajun Navy but not one fucking word about a FEMA response to the flooding down South.


B said...

Fema isn't supposed to rescue people.

They help you clean up and rebuild afterwords.

FEMA isn't a rescue organization. THe press used that Meme to try and hurt GWB after Katrina...But that isn't the job that FEMA has.
Rescue is supposed to be local and county and state. Which (again) has dropped the ball in Louisiana.

Please don't buy into the Liberal press's bullshit.

Yer smarter tha

B said...

n that

Gary said...

But I did read that Comrade Obama went golfing.

Phil said...

Haven't heard about them doing anything.

B said...

You shouldn't...until the water goes down.

Moe said...

Uh huh, I did see Jeh "Almost White" Johnson on the news making excuses for the Golf King.


Anonymous said...

Howdy All,

1. I work for a County Road Department in the Upper Midwest. I've dealt with FEMA many times between 1992 - 2012, all flood related. Here's my perspective: FEMA's roles is to come in after the fact and write a check for damage that you can document fixing yourself or by contract. If you have enough damage per capita and statewide that a presidential disaster declaration is warranted. Otherwise - you're on your own.

2. Last year we had big flooding here - tour sh*t up all over the County. But it was localized and no declaration - we're still fixing on it. And BTW - no looting here - nothin' to loot!

FEMA - don't expect much, you won't be disappointed.


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