Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whooooooooo Are You, WhoWho, WhoWho?

The Wifely Unit and I got to go see a bit of history be made last night.
The Who came to Portland as part of their 50 year tour and we got to go see them.
You can pretty much guarantee that will be the last time they ever play here.

I saw them here back in 82 but that was when I was drunk, stoned and fucked up in a big way.
My Brothers and cousins and I were off to the far right of the stage and up just a couple rows for that one. I couldn't see Pete Townsend for shit because there was a giant stack of amplifiers blocking my view of him but we were close enough to smell the weed he was smoking.
I came within a whisker of getting thrown out of that concert for being a rowdy fucker because I was pretty much blasted and that's what you did at Who concerts back then.

This time around I was as sober as a Church Mouse so I might well be able to remember it better plus we got some half way decent video from my wife's phone camera. Mine turned out like shit.

I spent a bit too much money on the souvenir T shirts but this was the last chance for the real deal concert stuff that will be a part of history someday.
I even bought a poster with the schedule on it. It's printed on pretty thick paper and I am going to frame it so it doesn't get fucked up. There was also some dude there in the front row who was there for his 100th Who concert.

That's a fan, boys.

It was, to put it mildly, way better than I expected it to be, you have to remember that Pete Townsend is going to be 71 years old here real quick. It was an excellent show and I only wish it could have went on longer.

Watch this clip from the same tour late last year in Texas, though keep an eye on these two old dudes towards the end, then remember how old they are.
I'd say they are doing pretty well.

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drjim said...

The Who are having a "50 Year Tour"....

God, that makes me feel old........

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