Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gray Man, Level 10 Achieved.

This story just tickles the shit out of me.

Somebody built a little cabin way out in the woods in a Federal forest out in Northern California.

It apparently had been there for a few years before a Forest Ranger literally stumbled upon it.
He said he got withing twelve feet of it before he saw it, it was hidden so well.

He went back with some help and broke in, looking to see if they could identify whoever it was that built the place and put an eviction notice on the door. They found a neatly stocked little shack with canned goods, a stove, an old typewriter and a hand written list the mystery occupant had made for things they wanted to get for the cabin.

They took pictures of the insides then left.
They came back a month later and most of the contents were gone without a trace.

They came back a couple weeks later after that and the whole cabin and everything in it was gone, without a trace!

Now you see it, now you don't!

Whoever did all this left a cryptic sign on the ground informing them that it was a squatters hideout.

They still have no idea who did it or where they went.

Forest Ranger Spots Hidden Cabin In Woods, Finds Creepy Mystery Inside



While marking trees to be harvested for the first time in 30 years, a forest ranger stumbled across quite the odd sight. Although he didn’t see it until he was just 12 feet away, he found an eerie cabin hidden in the woods – and that’s when he discovered the creepy mystery inside.
Mark Andre, now an Environmental Services director in Arcata, California, was marking trees in the forest when he looked up and saw something out of place. “I didn’t see it until I was 12 feet from it,” he said. “It’s in the perfect out-of-the-way spot where it wouldn’t be detected.”

Look very carefully in the middle background of this picture.

Someone had crafted an entire cabin in the woods measuring about 8’ by 12’ and about 15 feet tall. The most intriguing part came as Mark noticed the location was immaculate. Without the normal environmental abuse associated with forest campsites, there weren’t even any trails showing how anyone brought in the materials to craft the structure.

Other things inside consisted of canned foods and even a “things to get” list that dated the first thing crossed off the list back in 2011, indicating the cabin had probably been there since at least then. Although those searching the premises still couldn’t figure out who the cabin belonged to, Mark posted an eviction notice on the front door along with his contact information, but this is where things get even weirder.

A month later, they returned to the cabin to check on things, but they found the cabin a bit disheveled. As it turns out, the owner had found the eviction notice and had started moving out. Just as before, there were no trails left behind to show which way they headed.
Less than two weeks later, they came back to find that the cabin was gone. Although there were a few of the larger things, such as the wood stove and some other furnishings, it was mostly gone. Once again, even the access routes to the site showed virtually no wear and no one reported seeing anyone hauling heavy items down the trails.

The next day, there wasn’t anything left – everything was gone. “That’s the cleanest camp cleanup I’ve ever seen,” said Michael McDowall, natural resources technician for the city’s Environmental Services department. “There wasn’t a nail, not even a gum wrapper left behind.”

The resident did add a bit more mystery to the entire ordeal as he did leave behind an odd symbol made of charcoal. According to reports, it was the international squatter symbol. “The circle represents the building, and the arrow represents the squatter. The squatter goes in (line in), stays for a while (line in the middle), and then leaves (arrow!).”

To this day, Mark and his crew still haven’t been able to identify the person responsible. They did venture to guess that it was an older individual with life experience and minimal material needs. “The thoughtfully composed, uncluttered tiny house appears to be the work of someone who knows who they are and what they need,”

That is a level of sneaky that is hard to believe.

There are more pictures at the link HERE.

H/T to Survivalblog
for the story link.


Anonymous said...

Sure wasn't a millennial punk, had to be a baby-boomer or a gen. x-er.

Irish said...

I bet he knew they were in the area loooong before they found it. He was probably watching them from a safe place and They are lucky they weren't "disappeared".

drjim said...

And there were NO signs left of anybody moving heavy stuff out of there.

No footprints, drag marks, NOTHING.

Level 10 PLUS!

Phil said...

That's what really impressed me too. Either he is one big dude or he has some really stealthy friends.

Dan said...

Soumds like someone with Recon ranger or similar skills.

Anonymous said...

have seen similar feats from the RAINBOW TRIBE after their gatherings


Sixbears said...

A former 'nam vet used to live in the woods not far from me. I stumbled over one of his places and made damn sure to leave no trace when leaving. Guy just wanted to be left alone. Every week or two he'd hike into town, pick up supplies, and read the papers at the library.

BadTux said...

I know someone who built a much nicer place hidden in a place where no ranger would ever wander. As in, it was a real cabin that looked like someone had professionally built it rather than all the pieces being humped a mile down into a hollow from the nearest saddle which was the actual situation. Unfortunately, there was a forest fire and it all burnt down. The tweakers and stoners coming in and building meth labs and grow ops all over the place has pretty much ended that kind of thing though, they've taken over all the water sources and the tweakers in particular are just twitchy, and the rangers are out in force doing recon around the water sources looking for the tweakers and stoners so it's gotten hard to hide things close enough to water to make it worth it. I doubt my friend could build his Hidden Cabin in this day and age, it was too big and too blaringly obvious when you got into the hollow where it was hidden, and the airplanes looking for grow ops buzz around the forest like annoying gnats making it hard to haul large sheets of plywood and tin roofing (though obviously not impossible, as your guy proved).

Regarding millennial punks, the kid who sits behind me in my office is building a race car in his spare time. It's a bit of a gas, because half the time I look behind me when I need his help, and he's got the CAD drawings up on his screen and is looking at whatever the magic brown truck dropped off at his desk today that's going to go into his race car. He has one of those fancy machines that'll make pretty much any plastic part you want based on computer inputs and he prototypes things in 1/10th scale in plastic then has the machine shop cut metal for him once he proves it works (he lives in a crappy little apartment with a half dozen other people like most millennials so he can't have a workshop of his own). He apparently conned his university into giving him space to build the thing and access to their machine shop. I.e., not all millennials are useless slackers, they're just doing their cool things in ways us old bears didn't have back in our day. 3-d CAD drawings capable of generating output telling computer-controlled robots how to manufacture components? Yep, wasn't around when we were young like him...

Unknown said...

The Rainbow Tribe scum were here (Nicolet National Forest in WI) a few years back. Two weeks of shoplifting, breaking into parked cars, and they left a huge mess behind for others to clean up.

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