Friday, January 29, 2016

Fuck Facebook, Reason Eleven Billion Twenty Seven

Like I needed another reason to hate that fucking bunch.

I would wear that fucker out.

Facebook to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service


Facebook Inc (FB.O) prohibited global users from coordinating person-to-person private sales of firearms on its online social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service on Friday, countering concerns that it was increasingly being used to circumvent background checks on gun purchases.

The move comes as the United States debates the issue of access to guns after a string of mass shootings. U.S. President Barack Obama has urged social media companies to clamp down on gun sales organized on their platforms.

It updates Facebook's regulated goods policy, introduced in March 2014, that banned people from selling marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs.

Facebook already prohibited private firearms sellers from advertising "no background check required," or offering transactions across U.S. state lines without a licensed dealer because the company said such posts indicated a willingness to evade the law.

Licensed retailers will still be able to advertise firearms on Facebook that lead to transactions outside of Facebook's service, the spokeswoman said.

"Moms are grateful for the leadership shown by Facebook today," said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of the Everytown for Gun Safety campaign group. "Our continued relationship with Facebook resulted in today's even stronger stance, which will prevent dangerous people from getting guns and save American lives.”

Ain't you got a sandwich you should be making somewhere bitch?

Fuck you, Fuck Them and most of all,

In the first place, I don't know who in their right mind would even CONSIDER using Facebook for a gun transfer option.
Holy Christ, it is a given that the cops, the Feds and probably even Interpol cruise that site looking for stupid criminals, often with great success.

You might as well take out a full page newspaper ad in the local fish wrapper.

I couldn't care less if these assholes want to block gun selling by private individuals.

It isn't like there aren't a couple hundred million of the fucking things laying around if you want one.


Irish said...

My account has been deleted for years. Fuck them

Sixbears said...

I'd drop them but I never got on in the first place.

idahobob said...

I don't do fucking face book, never have.


bj said...

I tried Facefuck. then I remembered why I quit SEEING all those assholes in the first place! And so goddamn plastic, too, where every thing is perfect in everyone's life and everyone is in competition to have the most FANTASTIC! existence! horse. hockey. and an incredible time suck. Not like ... blogging! heh heh

Sarthurk said...

I just quit Farcebook. Zuckernurd can go suck on commies all he wants. All folks do there is make fools of themselves.

Anonymous said...

worts service in the world, fuck you facebook

Juan Juergens said...

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