Sunday, January 31, 2016

Achievement Unlocked: Geezerdom

If you had known me when I was in my twenties you would have bet the farm that I wouldn't have made it to 30 because I was pretty actively trying to kill myself in various ways. Even I didn't think I would so it's nothing short of Providence that I am still around.
I have been told that I should write a book about some of the stunts I have pulled and the crap I have lived through. People would think I was making shit up but I have witnesses. Crazy fucking shit man.
I'm sure it would be highly entertaining, if I could just remember about half of it.

It's like I heard somewhere one time, if you lived through the 80's and can remember it then you didn't really live through the 80's. It's more like I survived the 80's.

That reminds me,


Dear God how I hated that shit.
But I survived that crap too.

So happy fucking birthday to me, I'm 56 years old today.


  1. ...Happy Birthday big Brother, i thought that achievement was unlocked at fifty ???

    ...Dammit, six more years of gaming, i'm gettin too old for this shit...

  2. Have a good day, you grumpy ingrate. :)

  3. Happy birthday, old timer. What am I saying? I got six on you......................

  4. Happy Birthday you young pup!




  5. Happy birthday mr curmudgeon. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, ya got about 6 months on me. I did the same stupid shit (probably) as you, and somehow survived. I think you and Wirecutter both should write books.

  7. Happy Fucking Birthday, Man!

    Some of us might believe your stories.....Some of us lived 'em!

  8. The decade of stupid shit for me too
    Happy Bday man

  9. Happy birthday, or maybe congratulations.
    The 70's were something to try and remember too.
    It fades in and out

  10. 56 ... my goodness ... nowadays that sounds so ... young ...

    Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy birthday, Phil! Just remember, Grasshopper, that with age comes wisdom. And with wisdom, comes the realization that getting older ain't for sissies!

  12. Congratulations on successfully completing another lap around the sun! Older is WAYY better! Happy Birthday,'Knucks! ... EAT CAKE!!

  13. It's not the years, it's the mileage. Congratulations old man!

    Heck, you are younger than I am. I'm 57, 58 in March. A doctor told me I wouldn't make it to 45, so I'm doing pretty darn well.

  14. Happy belated birthday sir, I turned 53 in the middle of this month. Damn years are really flying by now !

  15. I survived the '80s too, and now look back at it in and miss them greatly.

    Disco does indeed suck, and although I'm not a fan of Morrisey's personal life, nor activism stances, he is a very good singer and I can listen to the Smiths... Much like I can listen to Queen and Freddie Mercury's personal life I can ignore... Both bands put out great music with excellent (gay) lead singers.

    Panic by the Smiths:

    "Burn down the Disco"... Happy B-Day. I'll turn 51 in March.


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