Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Great Economic Collapse Is Happening Right Now

Most people won't see it because they aren't looking around far enough.
I try to tell my wife about this occasionally but she is a typical American and doesn't care.
"We'll get by" is about the most I've gotten from her.

I have been watching this now for months and it is happening, right now. When the American stock market crashes again here soon like I think it's going to then all Hell is going to break loose, world wide. Think 2008 on steroids.
The Big wigs tried to play that off as "The Great Recession".
Seven years later we are still in it and it was a Depression by any other name. Now the real bottom is about to drop out.

If you think I'm crazy like my wife does, do yourself a favor and go read what this guy has to say.
He has been watching closer and longer than I have and has a whole list of VERY BAD THINGS happening around the world that are adding up to Big Trouble. Indicator after indicator after indicator, all gone South.

When The Fed announces their little Rate Increase this week then start watching the dominoes closely.


  1. Scary stuff ! I think he is dead on. I sold my last stock in October 40 shares of G.E. That's what I bought the tax house with. Hard assets are the only way to go. People need to make sure what they need is on hand. Economics is the battlefield of WW3. With 30 nuclear nations it is the least devastating option.

  2. OT.. I found your vampire girl that looks like Marisa Tomei.

    Check the comments on that post :)

    Stay safe and Merry Christmas ya curmudgeon!


    1. I saw that. Crazy. Pretty but crazy.I don't know what it is with Redheads.

  3. "You’ve got little time left to secure your financial positions."

    And just how in the hell am I suppose to secure my financial position -- as if I had one?

    Thanks for the heads up...


  4. I cannot wait to not have Toilet Paper and Air Conditioning. Sounds like fun.


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