Saturday, October 17, 2015

So Now I Am A Domestic Terrorist?

I'm just an average guy who works his ass off at a job he hates trying to support his family like millions of other guys.

I pay a shit load of taxes every fucking year.

I have opinions and am absolutely fearless about expressing them.

That makes me an extremist now to those who feel threatened by my opinions because dissent is now Hate Speech, Racism or Treason.

This so called Extremism is now enough reason to be labeled as a Domestic Terrorist by the very government I pay all those taxes to.

Terrorists have weapons, therefor weapons are bad, ergo I am bad because I have weapons.

So in the span of a few years as the political climate has changed in this country, I have gone from being Joe Six Pack to Joe The Domestic Terrorist without lifting a finger.

My personal definition of a Domestic Terrorist seems to differ from that of the now official government position.
I believe Domestic Terrorists actually go out and kill people.

I have neither done nor plan to do that.

I also happen to believe that every human being on this planet has the absolute right to defend themselves.

That I can and will still do,with any means at my disposal.

To some who disagree with my opinions, that makes me a dangerous individual. Here's a news flash for you, I am a dangerous individual. Try to harm me or my family and I will be a deadly dangerous individual.

My advice to those people is to never forget that I am just one of millions of other people in this country who could be dangerous individuals if forced to defend themselves or their families.

By falsely labeling absolutely normal American citizens as Extremists and Domestic Terrorists, there is a very dangerous precedent being set here.

This precedent will now allow the United States government to put absolutely normal and law abiding American citizens with strong opinions and the will to express them at risk of potential harm by that same government because of political posturing.
There are already more than enough government agencies created to perform this task if it is indeed necessary.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation specifically.

If the FBI is unable to perform the very tasks it was created for in the first place then it should be abolished.

The creation of a Justice Department division intended to investigate and label American citizens as Domestic Terrorists has all the earmarks of the act of a Tyrannical government.
It would be best for everyone to remember that the Second Amendment was specifically created to stop tyrannical government, especially our own.

This is the real reason why I am now a Domestic Terrorist.


  1. Nope your no Domestic Terrorist .Your just an a#@ hole who feels like speaking his mind because you know in your heart your values are closer to the founding fathers and millions of other god fearing people in this country. People agree with your opinions because you are opposed stupid politicians and policies. By posting intelligent thought you have a keystroke virus on your computer and are on the No Fly list . Personaly if I don't have to feed them or sleep with them I don't care if I offend them. By their definition Domestic Terrorist number 300 million Federal sympathizers 30 million your on the winning team.:)

  2. Politicians are the Domestic Terroist! Idiots!

  3. Good to be standing with someone who knows who he is, Phil.

  4. "Racism" is a meaningless word made up by Leon Trotsky in 1933. It's a curse word liberals use and it means "anything I don't like."


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