Thursday, June 18, 2015

They Wouldn't Be Able To Keep Them In Stock

So I started smoking again but I did give up or at least trade down on, one other habit I have.
I was drinking those Monster Energy Drinks like they were going out of style there for a while.
I am a serious caffeine fiend but a picky one, there was only one kind I liked and even talked the Indian guy who owns the local Stop and Shop or whatever they call it, into stocking them for me.

I was drinking three or four of those big bastards a day sometimes.Clear up to two and three in the morning and then going to bed.

That is way too much of that shit, I started having problems with my knees hurting behind the kneecap like Bursitis. Since I am on my feet all damn day you can imagine how pleasant that got to be, like a tooth ache on the inside of my knee cap all the time.
The wife was on my ass like no tomorrow over it but I just ignored her.

Eventually I started wondering if it wasn't something in those damn energy drinks so I tapered off of those sonsabitches and started Drinking Cokes again.
I can only drink so much coffee, kills my guts after a while.
It took about a month but the ache finally went away.

So here a while back, Coca Cola comes out with this cutesy fucking idea of putting peoples names on the bottle and saying, "Have a Coke with so and so".

Yeah, what the fuck ever, like I give a shit about that anyways.

Every day before work, I grab about three of these 20 ounce Cokes and drink on them at work and usually have one for at home when I get off.

As busy as I get sometimes, I will set one of the damn things down and forget where I put it.
I'm sure you can identify.

Tonight at work was no exception, I got busy as Hell because we were short a guy and I set one of these Cokes down and went looking for it later.

I found it right next to this new kid we got who was pushing some buttons running a lift and reached around him and grabbed it.
I told him that I need to put a chain on the damn things so I quit walking off and leaving them all over.

He asks me if I had found one with my name on it yet,
I looked at him and said that would be the day.
I don't think they will ever make one that says ASSHOLE on it.........

I'll keep looking though.


idahobob said...

Go to COSTCO..........they have 12 oz Mexican Cokes.

Sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

Just sayin.......


drjim said...

If I consumed that much sugar I'd be 6 feet under in about 6 months!

Robert Fowler said...

Love those Mexican Cokes. That's the way Coke is supposed to taste.

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