Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh Sure, They Just Turned All The Machines Off, Right?

Who the fuck are you trying to kid?
As sure as I'm sitting here that shit is still going full blast whether they have the authorization or not.

NSA bulk collection of phone data stops; Senate stalls as deadline passes


After 14 years and hundreds of millions of records of Americans’ telephone calls, the National Security Agency stopped bulk collection of phone data Sunday, officials said, as legal authority for the once-secret program expired.
The move came as the Senate stalled on efforts to reform the agency’s authority. The portion of the 2006 Patriot Act amendments that the NSA has argued allows collection of telephone calling data and other records expired at midnight in Washington.
Late afternoon Sunday, intelligence officials said they had started shutting down the system for scooping up and recording phone call data, which was put in place after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The NSA collects what it calls metadata — records that include the numbers called from a phone and the length of calls, but not the content of the conversations.
Officials said they planned to shut down the program entirely at midnight, although their actions, which are classified, can’t readily be verified.

That tells you all you should need to know right there.




"The alphabet soup will never stop collecting bulk data and profiling, it's their job. Moreover, it will never go away. It's just too cheap and easy" - GOODSTUFF

"I'm more scared of little brother than big bother" - GOODSTUFF

"I am in shock that there has been a small victory, but I firmly believe Big Brother in Washington will find ways to keep the spy program going. For example, our allies the British or Japanese will use the Internet to spy on Americans, collect massive info and then "share" that data with the NSA." - The Federalist

Sixbears said...

Most of the info isn't even gathered under the Patriot Act. Of course, it's all secret so we never know. That's life in the Panopticon.

Anonymous said...

Be advised that even before "the Patriot Act" the US government didn't "officially" spy on undesirables. It merely shares intelligence with friendly governments. MI6 spies on Americans' emails and cell phone calls. The CIA and NSA spy on UK subjects' emails and cell phone calls. The US and UK governments share all this information, of course, in the name of the fight against international crime, and terrorism, and tax evasion, and so on. All perfectly legal. Read Wikileaks.

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