Monday, February 16, 2015

Stand And Be Counted

Sam K has a post up pointed directly at people like me and you.

This is for III Patriots who have blogged in the past and may have drifted away from the work, and for those Patriots who have dared to break cover by commenting on various Liberty blogs - consider returning to the work of blogging, or starting a blog.

This blogging work is not glamorous. It is real work. It raises your profile to the Enemies of Liberty. It sucks at times. But the value to the Liberty Movement is immeasurable. Every single Patriot who accepts the burden of standing and adding his or her voice to the discussion is doing serious work against tyranny. Don't think you are articulate enough? That isn't the measure. What matters is the number of people willing to stand and add to the volume of the Liberty conversation.

Start pecking at your keyboard - again or for the first time.

You can do it. We need you to do it.

He makes a valid point when he says speaking out raises your profile to those who we struggle against, especially in this medium, because the internet never forgets and neither does the government,
At this juncture, I believe that is a moot point.

You are already on a list somewhere. At the very least you are on a hard drive somewhere where your information is easily retrievable and cross referenced. They have been dragnetting everybody for years now.

My point?
So fucking what?

I WANT them to know what I think and believe. You have something to say?

Start a Blog for FREE.

Trust me when I say that the government damn well pays attention to what is going on in the Blogworld.

I have seen it with my own eyes, repeatedly. They even admit it.

Ask anyone who has Blogged about their concerns about our government if they have checked where their Blog traffic has come from and they will tell you the same thing.

What it boils down to for us now is volume and numbers.

Volume being the proverbial squeaky wheel and numbers being the amount of wheels out there squeaking.

In other words, who is squeaking and how loudly.

You have to remember that ultimately, all these government agencies compile all this data and present their findings to the politicians in power at the time to justify their budget.

The part that should totally piss you off if you aren't already is the realization that you are paying for this with your tax money.

So I say now is as good a time as any, maybe even a critical time, to let these thugs know that we aren't the lunatic fringe bunch like they so desperately like to portray us. There is power in numbers baby.

Stand up and be counted, because like some wise guy said a couple hundred years ago, we either hang together, or we hang separately.


Mr. Poretto at Liberty's Torch has a post up mirroring these sentiments.

Coincidental I'm sure but just as timely.


Sixbears said...

Better than being a sheep.



Robert Fowler said...

If your not on a government list of some kind, your not doing it right.

SW keeps telling me they are going to come take me away. I bet I'll play hell getting on a airplane, and I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Larue here, I'm just CURIOUS about this 3 Patriot thing. How many women are in on it? How many Mexicans, or US Latino's, blacks, asians are in on it? Who's the enemy? Do these 'patriots' believe in paying taxes to afford and fund schools for any people, roads for any people, fire departments for any people, police protection, city and county and state services, and such? I'm just curious who these so called 'patriots' are. Back to you, Chet. :D

Anonymous said...

Larue here. Hey Larue, you forgot to ask them what their manifesto is, what's their objective, goal, demands, wishes.

Ok, Larue's right, what ARE your 3 patriots positions on social services, healthcare, and the well being of the masses? Are you guys FOR or against, the corporate fascist ownership of our electoral process, their ownership of our systems of governance, jobs and lives? Are you FOR the rich, even if yer poor? Cuz you know, ameriKa is all ABOUT the acquisition of wealth, and most of you likely don't got much of that, so how DO you consider yerselves to be ameriKans is beyond me.

Do you believe in restricting the poor, elderly, and people of color from the voting booths?

By the way Ornery B, hope all is well with you and yours. I'm working, have been for a year and months now. I gotta tell ya, my life don't suck anymore. :D Time to go to festivals, money to do so, we got honey a newer car and junked the '87 Chevy Spectrum last August. I LOVE her 2010 Kia Forte. Want one for myself. :D

Phil said...

Larue my old friend, good to hear from you

I am tickled that you are gainfully employed and have updated the wife's transportation.
It's always a pleasure to hear from you my man.

Heh, much has changed since I got sober as you can see.

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