Thursday, January 1, 2015

Same Shit, Different Day

Yeah yeah, Happy New Year and all that sloppy horse shit to you too.

You will have to excuse me if I seem especially grouchy today, I ain't had a cigarette in about twenty two hours ,forty five minutes and ten extremely long seconds.

I have been smoking almost 45 years.

It's time to give the sonsabitches up.

Cold fucking turkey.

This is going to be ugly.

It would be best if everybody stayed well out of kicking distance and make damn sure there is an ample supply of hard candy, toothpicks and other goodies handy.

See ya tomorrow sometime, maybe.


  1. Happy New Year, and good luck with that quitting smoking thing.

    If you're having trouble quitting, try this fool-proof method:
    Every time the urge to smoke gets too much to handle, go someplace private for a moment and rub one out real quick.
    I know it doesn't sound like it would help much, but after 24-48 hours, when there's no skin left on your piss-pump, the urge to smoke will go away very quickly when you keep trying to yank your crank.

  2. Good luck and please try not to kill anyone -even if they really really have it coming.

  3. If you're there mentally you will get it done. Patches DO help and do not buy the expensive ones and do NOT follow the instructions. Use the strong ones as they will take the edge off when needed. Good luck my friend.

  4. Forget this politically correct crap. Go apesh$t crazy. Howl at the moon. Chase hot babes through the car wash. Run naked
    by the police station. Kiss Al Sharpton on the lips, the light his a$$ on fire.

  5. Wow I think I'm in love! Looks very high maintenance though.

    Good luck on the quit. Cold turkey is the way to go. I did. But it was a long time ago.


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