Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pardon Me

While I fight off yet another wave of cigarette withdrawals.

Fuck me, six fucking days without one and I am still getting hammered with the damn cravings several times a day.

More hard candy on the way.

In the mean time, let's have something to take our minds off the nasty cigarettes.


Anonymous said...

What brand do you smoke?

Fred G said...

Hang in there, it does get better without the cigs! I quit cold turkey ten years ago this past November after trying many times over the years. It took about three weeks to reach the point where the physical addiction was no longer so strong and several months to get over the psychological addiction. I took many walks during the first three months--physical activity helps with the cravings.

Spud said...

Yup, now that would take a guys lower brains away !

tom hull said...

The first four years are the worst.Still pissed off with the fat gut though.

Anonymous said...

7 days then abatement. I get sick, turn gray, destroy things and beat my head on things. My wife leaves town every time. Good luck and hang tight

Unknown said...

Took about 2 weeks for me. But I would dream about smoking at night when asleep. And having a beer brought on a craving for a cancer stick. Glad I quit though. Dr said I'd probably would have developed asthma if I hadn't quit.

So hang in there.

Wade in NW Florida

Chuck said...

I quit cold turkey on November 10, 1982. This was my second attempt. First time had been on a bet, and had cost me a steak dinner and a bottle of wine at the NCO Club. Lucky Strikes had gone up from 50 to 55 cents a pack at the PX. I had tar stained fingers and a Marine Corps regulation mustache that was bordering on orange. I stuffed almost a whole pack into a half full Mt Dew can, folded the wrapper, and carried it in my wallet for almost 20 years. Probably one of the top five best choices I ever made. Looking at it financially was what made it stick for me. Once I started seeing the savings I started eating at nicer joints and enjoying finer spirits, For a guy who was dragging everything he owned around the world in a seabag it was the right thing to do.

Do the math on that at three packs a day, and you'll understand why I can now afford to drink really good Scotch.



Anonymous said...

Where was this photo of this lovely blond taken? Hotel, resort or restaurant? Does she sports model? TY

Phil said...

Just something I found on the internet.
Try right clicking on the picture and doing a Google search.

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