Thursday, September 25, 2014

Umm, No

I don't give a shit how good looking you are, if you're an irritating, self absorbed asshole I will not hesitate to tell you to fuck off.

That's the nice thing about getting old.

We know damn well we aren't getting any of it anyway so we don't have to pretend to put up with the bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Whom ever came up with that piece of stupid logic has never lived with one of those types.

I had my fill of her in just a few short weeks and it got so bad that even sex with her became a nightmare. Yes, even beautiful women can become so ugly that you cannot stand to be in the same room with her.

Sixbears said...

Buddy of mine was married to one. Nightmare. His new wife is plain, fat, but smart and fun. He's now a happy man.

Curt S said...

I've been married twice. My wife who passed away back in '08 was married three times. Ok, that said, if you don't like your wife or husband get a divorce. If there is anything I hate it is domestic violence! I don't gave a damm who you are, that type of behavior is not excusable no matter what!

stevierayv said...

Give em hell Phil

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