Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shut Up And Do What You're Told Citizen

Heh, looks like some more Americans are getting a first hand taste of what is now the new normal.

Police State Tactics 101 baby.

Residents criticize roadblocks in search for Pennsylvania ambush suspect


Police Barracks Shoot_Cham(7)640092414.jpg
September 23, 2014: A Pennsylvania State Police trooper helps create a perimeter in the search area for accused cop killer Eric Frien near the intersection of Happy Hill Lane and Bear Town Road in Canadensis, Pa. (AP Photo/The Times-Tribune, Jake Danna Stevens)

Pennsylvania state police are defending themselves against complaints that they have unfairly denied residents access to their homes during the manhunt for a suspected killer.
The massive search for 31-year-old Eric Frein, who is charged with killing one trooper and wounding another, has resulted in frequent unannounced and indefinite roadblocks in the village of Canadensis. Some people have ended up sleeping in their cars because their neighborhoods were cordoned off.
In a statement Tuesday night, police said they have been "diligent in respecting the rights of the public while working hard to keep both residents and law enforcement personnel safe."


My achin' ass.

Does this not sound familiar?

Does the name BOSTON ring a bell?

Authorities say Frein ambushed the state police barracks in Blooming Grove on Sept 12, fatally shooting Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass.
Police believe Frein, a Canadensis resident and self-taught survivalist, has been hiding in the dense woods surrounding his neighborhood.
Last week, troopers issued a "shelter-in-place" order that kept some residents from leaving their houses for more than a day; those who weren't already at home could not go back. Residents contend the directive left elderly relatives unattended and pets unfed, and resulted in lost wages for workers who couldn't leave their houses. The American Red Cross opened a shelter for displaced residents from two townships late Monday.
Adam Christmann said he has been kept away from his home at least twice since the search started. As he waited at a roadblock near his house on Monday afternoon, he said that while he understood the importance of the search, he couldn't help but be frustrated.
"We don't know when we can go home, or you don't know if you can get out," Christmann said. "Families are getting separated."

It is getting worse by the day people, wake the fuck up.

I told you a couple of weeks back that the American public has the attention span of a brain damaged gnat and I ain't kidding.

Didn't I just  see a whole shit load of headlines about the Militarization of the Civilian police forces in this country?
Now here today we have these same law enforcement agencies running amok because they are scared shitless and helpless as a newborn baby to get what they are after without running roughshod over an entire town.

Christopher Dorner anyone?

We saw the exact same shit in L.A. after that little outburst too.

These people are dangerous to the public.

Scared, heavily armed and with the full backing of The State to do whatever they damn well please in order to get their man.

If it wasn't so fucked up it would be comical.


  1. And It won't stop until the badge Nazis KNOW that this is an act of open war. My home is not a cell and NO officer has ANY level authority to order me to do ANYTHING.

  2. Lessee....from what I understand, the cops are not legally required to protect someone. Say one was afraid that some idiot was going to bust into their house and commit mayhem....everr try to get police protection to the degree that a cop would camp outside your door all night? Ain't gonna happen. So....aside from making them look big and stroking their ego this whole scenario is totally rediculous. "Your tax dollars at work"......yeah, right

  3. How many rounds did the "special operators" shoot in Boston?

  4. I have been to Canadensis PA. Sleepy little town in the Poconos. Must of been a real shock to those people to be locked down. The Nazis are on the march.


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