Friday, July 11, 2014

3.5 Billion Would Buy A Lot Of Fence

I don't know who the fuck Obama thinks he is trying to kid with this bullshit.
I really don't.
There have been so damn many illegal immigrants saunter across our border that even the United Fucking Nations has started calling it a refugee crisis and here peckerhead wants to spend three and half billion dollars to coddle these motherfuckers before he will even think about stopping the invasion.

Even a dumb shit knows that when someone is bleeding to the point it is life threatening, the first thing you do is try to stop the hemorrhaging.

But no.

The part that should piss you off is that the government has been issuing purchase orders for supplies to give these people since the beginning of the year, well before it got played up in the news that it was a flood of young people coming from South America, complete with all kinds of nasty fucking diseases.

Not Mexico, South America.

They had to go THROUGH Mexico to get here. Must not be too damn hard to go clear the fuck through a shit hole of a corrupt fucking country if kids are doing it, eh?

Bullshit. Don't believe that for one fucking second.

There is big money getting passed around to get that kind of service.

Where in the fuck was that meddlesome bunch of Do Gooders at the U.N. while this refugee crisis was building?

Fiddle fucking around in someone else's business some where else probably.

Dick heads.

For Three and a Half Billion dollars, a guy could buy enough fence to go around this entire country, twice.
There would be enough left over to pay our own unemployed workers to put the shit up too.

The fence manufacturers would piss down their legs with joy at the prospect of selling that much motherfucking fence.

The trucking industry people would be pissing down their legs with joy at the prospect of hauling all that motherfucking fence.

There would be jobs out the wazoo building all that motherfucking fence.

It would stop all these "refugees" dead in their tracks at the motherfucking fence.

The unemployment rate would go down.

Barack Obama would have to find some other way to getting his fucking nation transforming agenda done.

It's that fucking easy.

But no.

Let's play fucky fuck political games with all this bullshit , all the while more and more of these motherfuckers keep pouring across an imaginary border, bringing nasty fucking diseases that our fucked up Obamacare system isn't the slightest bit ready to deal with and keep all this hush hush so the fucking Sheeple don't get a clue as to how bad a fucking they are taking, again.

Then sic the fucking Feds on those who ARE wise to the game and are trying to keep these flea bit Typhoid Mary's and  T.B.  Thomases from being bussed into their communities  as part of the plan to spread the numbers out.

At this point we should just invade Mexico and turn it into another territory like Guam or Puerto Rico so we can have all the cheap fucking labor the Oligarch societies want and be done with it.

We should just keep going South  until we hit the Panama Canal and THEN build a motherfucking fence.
It would be way cheaper by then.

What the fuck, we are paying for them anyway, let's get some cheap shit cranked out here and we can stick a thumb in China's eye while we are at it.

In all seriousness, there is a point of diminishing return to all of this.

Eventually there will be so many of them here, that here is going to be exactly like there, where they came from.

At that point someone is going to ask where the fuck are they going to go now?

There ain't no way out other than up or back where they came from.

Do you think for one second that Canada is going to put up with this kind of shit?

I don't.

They will be spending 1.25 Billion, bigger than shit.

And they will be building a motherfucking fence, Jack.

Update, Og and Mr. B have the answer to the fence issue nailed down.


Sixbears said...

Rome could not control its borders just before the empire fell.

Anonymous said...

I have a simple, no cost solution to this problem. FINE OR JAIL AMERICANS WHO EMPLOY ILLEGAL ALIENS (underline ILLEGAL). If there is nothing for them to come for, the aliens will stop. Its for the money folks, the illegals want to send their pay check back to their family in their home country.

Phil said...

It's not that we can't, they won't.

Anonymous said...

there is already a law for that.....the employer claims they used a fake ID,how was I supposed to know,so on.Sheriff joe pulls one of these sweeps every few months.Only 1 owner of a car wash got fined

Stackz O Magz said...

When Congress passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 it called for a double-tier fence to be built along 700 miles of the border. But a year later, senators slipped language into a spending bill to water that requirement down, giving Homeland Security officials the leeway to determine how much and what type of fencing. As of early this year, the department had built just 36 miles of two-tier fencing, 316 miles of single-tier fence, and another 299 miles of vehicle barriers that STILL allow pedestrians and wildlife to cross, but is meant to keep out smuggling vehicles.

Key words here gents: "giving Homeland Security officials the leeway to determine how much and what type of fencing"... There's the money shot. Glad I could contribute.

Curt S said...

Maybe we should just fine Obama and attach his bank account since he is the one that through eitherr stupidity or deliberately caused this mess in the first place with his amnesty crap.

Ro said...

All employers should be forced to keep certified copies the ID they used. For each count of being unable to produce one 10k fine.

drjim said...

Triple strands of concertina wire, with a Ma Deuce every 500 yards!

Falcon said...


B said...

Og has the answer. We need to do this. I would put in a week or ten days to do a mile if others would as well.

FrankC said...

"Eventually there will be so many of them here, that here is going to be exactly like there, where they came from."
You have South Americans, we, in the UK, have "others" determined to turn our country into the shithole they came from.

Anonymous said...

Obama isn't stupid. Or, rather, he kind of is, but George Soros isn't stupid. This was all planned in advance and there's a purpose for it.

Go to Wikipedia and look up "Cloward-Piven Strategy." It was predictable, it was predicted, and they admitted to it long ago.

Anonymous said...

Last numbers I saw said it would cost about $500 million to complete the fence, if my math skills aren't too rusty that means 3.5 billion would allow SEVEN fences. Let's face it, there simply is no political will among some of the CONgress critters, well those who are not actively aiding and abetting this invasion........

Phil said...

I updated the post with that link.


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