Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Happens To A Truck Filled With Unsecured Pressurized Gas Bottles After A Hard Wreck?

Watch at about the 2:50 mark when one of them takes off like a rocket and disappears.

I just love the stupid sonsabitches standing around watching hundred and fifty pound bombs flying around and blowing up.

That Darwin guy missed several good opportunities here.

Thanks to Tom for sending this one along.


Anonymous said...

I would have done the fastest bootlegger's turn you would have ever seen if I was driving the car with the dash cam.

I have seen some stupid shit done when i was in Iraq that would give any OSHA inspector a major heart attack. The concept of safety in a lot of these foreign nations just don't compute in their brains.

Demeur said...

Anon it just goes to show that when something is made foolproof they come up with better fools :-)

Phil said...

It basically turned into a truck full of SCUD missiles.

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