Friday, April 18, 2014

The Easter Bunny Is Coming!! NSFW!!!!!!

The shit ya find on the internet.

This is pretty off the wall and ...... nasty.

Where it came from is going to cause your jaw to drop. The target audience is going to piss you off.

You have been warned if you click on the video.

By James Hibberd on Apr 16, 2014
Fox’s NSFW Easter cartoon is drawing some holiday heat. The animated short on the network’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) online channel is a raunchy (and quite catchy) music video titled “The Easter Bunny’s Coming” (video below).

The Parents Television Council, an independent watchdog group that monitors network programming and frequently protests content, called the video “X rated” and crowned it “the most explicit material we’ve ever seen produced by a broadcast television network.”

“We thought we had seen the worst of ‘ADHD’ when Fox aired a segment several months ago with high school characters gleefully taking cell phone pictures of their genitals and texting the photos to other students,” said PTC president Tim Winter. “That content pales in comparison to the material in this new video.”

“The animated Easter Bunny clip … features over a dozen unbleeped ‘f-words;’ depictions of dozens of fornicating rabbits; more than a dozen instances of a vulgar slang term for ejaculation; a depiction of a male character eating rabbit feces; and music lyrics that are grotesquely sexualizing and misogynistic. An overt reference to Christians and Jews only adds to the offensive nature of a video being promoted during Holy Week and Passover … it’s easily X-rated material that directly targets, and appeals to, children.”

Get that? It is targeted at children.

Be prepared for it;


  1. In a way, this does not surprise me. I am taken back by the fact that it is "supposed to be" a kid's cartoon. A long time ago I recall reading where this as well as other things will be happening. It boiled down to a plan to literally destroy out culture. It seems that what I read is coming true. Look around you...listen to what you hear on the street as well as on school playgrounds. I am just as much for freedom of speach as the next person, BUT there is a time and place for things. We as a country as well as a society are going down hill awfully fast. Ethics.....wazzat? Maturity in thinking.....huh? And....forget about our kids learning anything in a public school....hell they can't read....can't spell....cannot even so math without some kind of calculator. All that....PLUS....they are being taught they do not have to think....just do what you are told. Matter of fact..if a kid does show that he thinks for himself they are sent to counciling. Yeah, right....isn't this a great country? Nope....not any more...blame all the damm politicians for that as well as the damm socialists!

  2. A culture in decline. Curt S is spot on.


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