Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Remington 30.06 Semi Auto Christmas Wish List In One Picture

Oh the possibilities.

I picked up a Plain Jane bone stock unit last year at a gun show for $150 from a guy who had just walked in.

After literally running to an ATM to get the rest of the money, I snagged it from the guy and he was nice enough to give me an extra 4 round magazine and two boxes of shells to go with it.

It was his Dad's hunting rifle and it is in very good condition.

Later on while I was walking around the place that day I saw several with $650 price tags on them so I know I got a killer deal.

It still has the steel butt plate and no scope.
The thing kicks like a Missouri Mule too, I ain't shittin' ya.

Even with my piss poor eyesight and open iron sights, I hit a 4 inch target at 100 yards the first time I pulled the trigger though.

My lovely and quite dangerous wife got me a scope for Christmas and I still have to get the correct mounting rail and the rings.

That part is coming very, very soon.
I have also been slowly gathering ammunition for it, a box here, a box there kinda thing.

I think right after I get the scope on it I need to start seriously looking for some 10 round magazines.

A cushy butt plate is about $50 the last time I looked.
Scanning the internets, I have seen synthetic stocks in the $100-$150 range also.

That may have to wait for a while yet.

It's looking like all the rest of it might have to take on a bit more urgency lately.


  1. May all your gun wishes come true!

  2. What model did you get? The older 740's are said to wear out extractors and parts are hard to find.

  3. Under all that crap is a nice rifle. I've an older Rem 30-06 and it's not getting decorated. Of course, I do have a poodle shooter with bayonet and the works. Different tools for different jobs.

  4. Nice hunting rifle. its only my opinion, but those Remingtons semi-automatics are designed for hunting, not fighting. As in fired several times a day, vs. firing 100s a round in same time period. The heavy recoil from it is because it is light - designed to be carried around.

    If you are insistent on finding a .30-06 go-to-war, I suggest the M1 Garand. THAT was a combat rifle. Understand it weighs 9 lbs stock and is approximately 4 feet long - not a lightweight. But designed for battle conditions.

    The 10 round magazines I remember which are made for your rifle were made my Ram-Line, iirc. The stock can be drilled and inertia recoil reducers installed in it. I hope your rifle makes you happy.


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