Saturday, March 15, 2014

Total Myopic Preparedness FAIL!

Damn, I hate to even tell on myself with this one.

Last year, Big 5 had a sale on a little one burner camp stove for $20 bucks.

Stupid me, I rushed down and bought one without really paying attention to what I was actually buying.
To this very day, I thought it was a propane stove.
I snagged it for an emergency situation because it is small and it is in a handy dandy plastic carrying case.

So today, I had to go to Bi Mart for some transmission fluid and while I was there, I got the adapter and a hose kit to run little propane rigs off a five gallon bottle.

I hate those little green propane bottles with a passion.

So I get home and while I am fucking around, I dig out this little stove thingy.
It's still brand new, in the package.

I open it up and start looking where to hook the damn little bottle to and something just ain't right here.
Upon closer inspection, I find the thing runs on BUTANE.

Says so right on the box.

Face palm.

The stupid on my part is still burning and the only reason I am sharing this is in the hopes that if I can save even one individual from making the same damn mistake then it will be worth it to expose my idiocy publicly.

I guess I will go find a couple of these stupid little bottles of butane and stick them and the stove away for either bartering or to give to someone in need.

On the plus side I guess, now I have an excuse to go get what I have really been wanting anyway....

I'm not a huge propane fan to begin with.


  1. The single burner gas stoves are more efficient.

    Just my Opinion

  2. My dad says butane is a bastard gas.

  3. Yup, the only way to go ! We've got one that has served well for over 40 years !!! Plus we've got a fairly new one as back up. Not to mention the single burner one. As a portable the little single burner is the tits ritz ! Little heavy for back packing tho....

  4. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, ALL stoves using processed fuels will run out eventually. How long do you think the popular Coleman white gas availability will last - hurricanes down here empty the shelves of them. Heaters - lamps - stoves - pretty popular.

    Butane just gives you more options. I've seen some pretty impressive reviews, for $20, not too bad. Just store some extra cans for just in case and you are golden.

  5. Buy the Coleman and then convert it to propane. This way you can connect it to a BBQ 20 lb tank. Happy grilling!

  6. Another possibility is the Primus multifuel stoves. Runs on white gas, unleaded, kerosene, or diesel. It's intended for backpackers, though, so it might be a bit small in comparison with the Coleman.

  7. I have the same butane stove but a different brand name, still the exact same stove. The butane cans are inexpensive from big box stores and can often be found on sale. They last quite a while and have an advantage over propane or white gas, they can be cooked on (used) indoors. When ever I find them on sale I'll buy 5 or so cans and add them to my stash. I do not put all my stock in butane or any other single type of fuel stoves. I have a wood burning rocket stove (very efficient), propane stoves, electric stove, and liquid fuel stoves. Never put all your eggs in one basket.


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