Saturday, March 15, 2014

ATF Raids Ares Armor Despite Restraining Order

Bearing Arms and others are spreading the news like wildfire.

There is video too.

They have been after the customer lists.They have been intimidating people and harassing this business owner for over a week to get them. The owner got a temporary restraining order aginst the ATF and they flat out ignored it and broke the lock on the door to get in.

If this doesn't send a chill down your spine then you need to wake the fuck up.

If you had even the slightest hope that The Rule Of Law still existed in this country, there is the proof to the contrary you can see with your own eyes.

There is only one reason the ATF wants those names on that list.

I do believe the avoidable has been willfully cast aside and that the judicial system in this country has become a facade for the government to hide behind only when it finds it to be convenient.
When it doesn't find it convenient, it just plows ahead with it's agenda and covers it up afterwards.

Tyranny is alive and well here .

What comes next is anyone's guess but outright open rebellion just got moved up a notch on the calendar.

What these people don't seem to grasp is that if they want so badly to turn millions of Americans into criminals, is that by definition, criminals have no respect for the law.
What comes around goes around will soon be the norm.

There is this thing called diminished return on investment and another thing called The Point Of No Return.

I believe we are now at an event horizon and that both are staring us right in the face.


It was later learned that the raid was, in fact, legal, as the ATF went to the judge who issued the restraining order and had it lifted, claiming that the 80% lowers in question were in fact, "firearms".
Contrary to their own definition that an 80% complete lower receiver is not a complete firearm.

Tsk. Tsk.

This isn't over by a long shot.


Curt S said...

Seeing as how things like this are occuring more and more....the EPA, DHS, TSA, I am startting to think the the present administration is in all reality literally pushing for violent pushback, then it will impose martial law and we will have a dictator Obammy for life.

Phil said...

Ask Hitler , Idi Amin or Musselinni how that worked out for them.
Oh, wait.......

1911A1 said...

ATF went and leaned on the judge that issued the TRO and got him/her to modify it to allow the raid.

The raid was, in fact, "legal".

Phil said...

I updated it, thanks.

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