Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Just Received A Wonderful Gift!

Xenolith Emailed me last week wanting my address, said he had something to send me and wanted to know if I wanted to see what it was before he sent it.

I said that I would just wait and to surprise me.

He succeeded.

I actually had a bit of a lump in my throat when I finally got it unpacked and realized just how much time and effort he put into this.

He made this with his own two hands, just for me.

I am just humbled.

I will treasure this and I am going to find a prominent place out in the Man Cave to display it.

Thank you my man.

That is very cool.


Xenolith said...

Not just MADE by my own two hands, I used a close up pic of my right one as a template! Guess you could say I used my own Three hands....
And I can't count the times I've thrown a piece of gauze on a cut and wrapped it with duct tape! Actually did it making this!

stevierayv said...

Well I don't get crap maybe I should be warm and cuddly like you:)
Sweet gift even better if that wrench is a Snap-On.
Congats Phil!Good job Zeno

Grog said...

That's some good shit. :)

Xenolith said...

It's a craftsman. I can't afford Snap-On for ME. Durn sure not gonna waste it on HIM.

And although yer cold and prickly, let me know what ya'd like, hell, I used to could make durn near anything back when...I'll give 'er a try!

Suzanne said...

way forking kewl busted....zeno - wow!!!

Robert Fowler said...


Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome. You are blessed to have such friends.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. What is it made of?

Brock Townsend said...

Neat. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. :)

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