Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey! We've Made The Big Time!

You know how you always see or hear about all these damn shootings all over the place but they are always somewhere way the heck away?

Now I can say that we have had TWO in TWO DAYS!!. Both of which were less than five miles from here, one about two miles, actually. Neither of these were Gang Banger shootings either, one was a pissed off worker that shot his boss and himself and the other was some lady went bang bang at the local Veterans Affairs campus. I'm so proud.


Even the Damn Huffington Post took notice!

I keep saying I want to get the hell out of here.

It's getting way too much like a big city around here for this country boy.

It looks like I am flat going to have to get serious and tell the wife that we are moving this Summer after school is out so I don't have to listen to that B.S. argument. I need to see how badly Uncle Sam is going to screw me on taxes first.

I also see that I am going to have to do the legwork.

The wife is adamant about staying in Vancouver and I am just as adamant that I have had enough of the crime here.

I do the legwork, we move to where I find a place we can afford to live. Something that isn't too far out but I AM going to get away from this whole end of town.

It's getting to be hazardous to live around here.


idahobob said...

You should really check out where we are, here in North Central Idaho.

Come on up. The coffee is always on.


One Fly said...

Seriously?? I'm driving down the Baja in a couple weeks to see if somewhere down there on the cheap side a guy like me can spend next winter. The warm is very important for me. -8 this morning and at 5PM it's 4. And to think last year at this time I had only been in Costa Rica just a month. It's 74 in here and gonna go higher.

More important than me is if you are seriously thinking of making a change like this -do it and don't piss around!! Change can be good ya know.

I suggest some place warm and dry and where the sun shines.

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