Thursday, January 30, 2014


There is a fine Patriot in extreme need of some FRN's right now.

The man almost had his arm blown clear off by a shotgun and had to have his shoulder rebuilt and can't work.

The government has confirmed his disability but hasn't coughed up a dime yet and he and his wife are facing eviction and several other past due bills.
Some need to be paid ASAP, others can wait.

Steve over at The Voices In My Head is a hell of a nice guy and could really use our help.

I know everyone has bills to pay and money is tight.
My own rent is due again in a couple of days but I am going to kick in a little because it's the right thing to do.

That's all we need to do, all of us in this community, kick in a little.

If you can afford it, go large by all means, we are talking serious need here.

He has ad space for rent if you have a business too.

Click on the link to his blog and you will find the link to Go Fund Me app in the upper right corner.

Then dig in your back pocket.


Time is of the essence here.


hiswiserangel said...

*hugs* proud to call you my friend

FrankC said...

This is very embarrassing. I tried to throw some surplus towards your man but my card was declined. Don't know why and the system won't let me correct any errors (if there are any).

Phil said...

My card inexplicably quit one day a month and a half ago while at the convenience store.

I wound up at my bank the next day.

Come to find out some douchebag clear across the country tried to use my account at a Target store.

The bank thought something was funny, declined the transaction and froze my account.

I have no idea how said douchebag got my card numbers.
Pain, in the ass.

You will wind up at the bank too.

The thought was there pal and that is more than most.

I thank you for that.


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