Sunday, September 15, 2013

Try To Keep Up, Will Ya?


  1. I know, right? Even the American public can't quite swallow that one.

  2. This being the same Assad who trained armed and equipped the north sudanese 'militias' who promptly butchered quarter of a million south sudanese Christians and animists making two million more homeless in the process. Throw into that the hundreds of thousands who starved to death whilst we in the west did fuck all.
    Now all of a sudden we are supposed to give a toss about Assad and his actions whilst helping another bunch of religious lunatics! Try as I might I cant raise an ounce of sympathy for either side.
    Good blog btw been following you from the UK.
    As to your previous post just be thankful you dont have many Peugeot cars. The retarded monkey that designed half their French POS they call cars fitted the thermostat in a plastic housing that has no less than 5 hoses, though on some models8, attached to it. Guess what happens to plastic after a few years of boiling hot water bring forced through it. The resulting split, often clean in half, bakes the aluminium head and cracks the liners in the bores because the same french monkey put the temperature warning switch near the bottom of the engine block so the dam thing has dumped all its water 15 minutes before the light comes on!!!!!

    1. I swear, there is a special level in Hell awaiting automotive engineers. What you just described is complete stupidity run amok.

      Thanks for commenting, I agree about us sticking our nose in that mess over there for no good reason. If the criteria for us intervening is as flimsy as what I have seen then we should have invaded most of the continent of Africa several times by now.

      I'm thinking the fact that they don't have any oil must have something to do with that.

      By the way, If you are from the UK then you will probably be somewhat familiar with the other automotive nightmare I have out in the garage.
      It's a 1964 Austin Healey Sprite.

      Pray for me.

  3. A 64 sprite is not a nightmare. Its a rolling stephen king christine type frightfest. At least if you have the 1043cc a series engine then parts should be cheap cos you'll be buying lots of them. In my foolish youth I had a 59 frogeye sprite but had to sell it when son no2 came along. Babies have no consideration of their cost, if they did their placenta would be made of solid gold!
    Now I have a Triumph Stag, though with the cost of petrol at £1.37 a litre( roughly $7.50!a US gallon) it only goes out on Sundays. Oh and if anyone tries to sell you Triumph anything and tells you it doesn't leak oil shoot them in the head on the spot! Despite new gaskets on everything twice and using sealents smuggled out of NASA the sump still drips when warm and the valve stem seals wear out faster than my ability to replace them!


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