Monday, September 16, 2013

Fukushima Getting Blasted By Typhoon Man-yi,


Now that radioactive shit is getting spread all over the fucking place at high speed.

Doomsday in Japan? Radiation-Stricken Fukushima Power Plant in Direct Path of Typhoon Man-yi

As if its radiation concerns aren't enough, Japan might receive another radiation leaking problem from the same crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. Typhoon Man-yi has started battering southern Japan, and its path has been forecast to directly hit the nuclear plant.

The typhoon, which has made landfall Monday morning in Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, is packing gusts of up to 162km/h.

Seen moving north-northwest at a speed of 45 kilometres per hour, Typhoon Man-yi will hit southern parts of the main island Honshu on Monday morning and then forecast to head northeast towards the capital and its surrounding region by noon. When it crosses the northeast, it will surely hit the Fukushima area.

If Typhoon Man-yi doesn't change course and pursues its known trajectory, it will unleash more contaminated water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant that could possibly seep into the groundwater.

Public broadcaster NHK has reported that trouble from the heavy rains has reached Fukushima. One of the plant's fences have toppled over. Crews of Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) are racing against time to keep highly contaminated water in reactor basements and tunnels from overflowing.

Not one single person on this whole planet could even begin to predict the after effects of a fucking typhoon blasting that already giant clusterfuck of a mess.

You can bet your homesick ass there is going to be sanitized reports come out of the joint no matter what happens though.

Whatever they say happened you can automatically at least double right from the get go.
I would imagine if they are already having trouble containing it now, when that huge amount of water gets dumped on it all at once no amount of pumping is going to keep up with it and a bunch of that shit is going to run off.

This is a disaster on top of a disaster.

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  1. Life is fast becoming an armageddon tennis match between competing threats for the end of the world; eyes right we have a planned ww3, starting in the middle east, eyes left, radioactive toxins about to wipe out the N.Pacific for a start!
    Some rumours have it that the Fukishima tsunami may not have had 'natural' causes. Is this the agenda 21 depop in action?


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