Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some Damn Good Story Tellin'

I know some of you at least must be familiar with Selous Scout over at Something Wicked Comes, he's been around quite a while now.

A good Survival info site for one thing but he is also a very talented writer to boot.
He has a repository of links on his sidebar to his writings and I very highly recommend you take the time to go check them out.

His story called The Cache is particularly good and I have to warn you now that if you start reading it, you won't stop, I'm serious.

You are by contrast, very lucky to be able to do that. When I first started reading it it was by installments. He would write a chapter and put it up and then you would have to wait until he put up a new chapter. Sometimes that took a while.

Now you can start in and when you get done with a chapter you can just go back to his home page and click the link for the next chapter.

It's a real page turner about a guy who has to bug out from work because TSHTF and is trying to run a gauntlet to get to his supply cache. Very believable and well thought out.

He also has another story called Tales From The Apocalypse you will like. and I am going to give you a taste of the latest installment in it.

When you are done here, head over there and take your time checking his place out, like I said, he has been around quite a while and is way overdue for a shout out.
Tell him Busted sent ya.

Here is just a small taste of his latest piece;
Tales Of The Apocalypse - Warlord III
Another September morning, much like the previous, raised its sleepy head and spilled the dawn from its bleary eyes. The early morning fog milled about, lost in its own cloak, seemingly unable to find its way. The crows once again acted as cheerleaders for the coming spectacle of a new day. The wilderness begin it's waking ritual as its inhabitants begin their daily routines.

The eyes which had watched him the previous night with such burning hatred were once again scrutinizing his location, noting the lack of activity from the nest in the cedars. There was not much to be seen as the branches did their job with green efficiency. Without tracking ability, they would have never found his location. The hide was just too well constructed.

The eyes belonged to a junior tracker from the house of the Owens family, of the Stehekin Free Peoples. His father had just had a kukri buried in his skull. At least the murderous scum who had killed him had given him the courtesy of a funeral pyre and not just left him to rot in the open, food for any passing beast or crawling thing. He was nervous to be in this place as it was too close to shunned areas.

The shunned areas were where the plague had ravaged the population to near extinction levels, and strange deadly beasts now found it a suitable abode with the absence of man. Some of the ForRangers roamed these areas, looking for spoils, hunting and foraging for the good of the Trybe. But they were mostly to the north, several hundred miles. The Trybe itself was approximately 300 miles northeast of where he lay in the fog.

He was Maddox Owens, nephew to Ted Owens, Patriarch of the House of that name. This was his first training mission, which was also to be revenge for the killing of his older brother, Jayms a few years before. Now he had his father to add to the list of names crying out in his mind for vengeance!

Now head on over and say Howdy!


Selous Scout said...

Hey Busted, thanks for the shout out!

Bustednuckles said...

My pleasure. Thought I would give you some incentive to write more.
You have talent my man.

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