Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, I'm Back Up And Running Anyway

It's One Twenty A.M. and my sister in law just left.

She messed around with this fucking computer all day and all night trying to get it straightened out.

As it sits, I am currently using Windoze 7 just like it was when I first opened the lid on this thing.

Kubuntu kicked her ass even though I bought a 16 Gig Thumb drive and a package of DVD's.

She wound up installing the Ubuntu that I downloaded the other day on a "virtual machine".

Don't ask me, I have no fucking idea.

However, there is still an issue with that.
The screen says it is in full screen mode but takes up less than half of the monitor.

She says that she needs to update some VPN thing but doesn't quite know how to do that in Ubuntu.

The poor thing was exhausted so I don't blame her a bit for heading home for some shut eye.

I owe her big for this.
I'll take care of that next weekend when she comes over again.

At least I can use the damn thing again without it hanging up all the time.

It was severely fucked up and that is my fault for dicking around with it over the last couple of years.

Come to find out there is a way to boot the damn thing up and get to a screen with the option to reconfigure the computer to as bought, out of the box.

That involves I don't know what all as I was out in the garage all day but it took fucking hours to reconfigure.

In the win column for me today was getting that damn motor mount and oil change done on the wife's rig.
The motor mount made a huge difference.
It got rid of a ton of vibration and rattling plastic parts. It's actually quiet going down the road again.

After that I spent several hours reconfiguring the damn garage, it was way over due also. Jayzus what a disaster.

While I was at NAPA getting the oil and filter I took a little side trip to Harbor Freight and picked up a 10 inch sliding miter saw that does bevels and shit for $119 and tax.

I wanted the 12 incher but didn't have the dough right this minute, that one was $180 and tax.

Of course, just as I figured, I needed the 12 inch model.
I was trying to cut a real, honest to God 4X4 and the 10 inch saw isn't big enough to go clear through.


I managed to get it cut in two places and then had to trim some overlap with a hand saw.

Close enough for what I am doing I guess.

I am building a little work bench to put the fucking saw on....

So maybe tomorrow sometime before I go to work I will find something to post about. Right now I am beat from moving eight hundred pound tool boxes around.

Thanks fer stopping by and also for your patience.

Dammit, Dammit, DAMMIT!!

I just now remembered I was going to fix the motherfucking ground for the cable today!


I am going to have to write myself a fucking note and tape it to the bedroom door I see.

I can see the wisdom of the old saying now.

Of all the things I have lost in my lifetime, I miss my mind the most.


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  1. Ever since I lost my mind, my days have been adventure filled and packed with fun.


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