Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Can Play Those Games

Let this be a lesson to you fascist motherfuckers, not everyone is on board with your self proclaimed "special powers".

ROME -- The Italian justice ministry says a former CIA station chief who was convicted in the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a street of Milan has been detained in Panama.

Robert Seldon Lady, the former Milan station chief, was sentenced by an Italian appeals court earlier this year in the extraordinary rendition case to nine years in prison after being tried in absentia in Italy.

The ministry said it didn't immediately have details on when or where in the Central American country Lady was detained.

This is why you don't see George W. Bush and Dick Fucking Cheney gallivanting all over the globe.

There are people out there just waiting to snatch their asses up and try them for War Crimes.


  1. Well, if we can't get 'em convicted here, maybe we should buy them plane tickets???

  2. Interesting how what's "legal" in the US makes people criminals every other place on the globe. Maybe, just maybe, everyone else got it right.

  3. A bit in my cups already so please forgive me for the brain fart, but hasn't a country or two already threatened to arrest G.W. and try him for war crimes if he stepped foot on their soil?

    1. The Spanish Attorney General was going to try them In Absentia but got pressured to shut down. There are a couple of other countries that have arrest warrants out for 'em.
      Bush canceled a trip to fucking Canada because his minders told him they could do it.

  4. Thought it was odd how Dubya seemed to be in self imposed exile in Crawford . Also there had to be a reason why Barry Soetoro drags half the USAF along in addition to his men in black crew . When " Boma ! " made that speech in Berlin standing in a box made of bullet proof glass 10 inches thick , the Sheeple of AmeriKa didn't even comprehend what they were seeing . So............all is not well in OZ .


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