Sunday, September 25, 2022

Things That Make You Go HMMM


robehr orinsky said...

I'm giving my age away but I have not believed anything in the MSM since Kennedy got popped in 63 . Twin Towers ? Heh ! All the alphabet bois .

Anonymous said...

What about the hundreds of people who watched the plane hit from 95?

Dan said...

A helluva lot of people NEVER let actual facts get in the way of their beliefs.
9/11 is just one more thing where they CHOOSE to believe what they want to believe
rather than what the facts say happened.

riverrider said...

how would she know what a scud looks like? wrong trajectory among other clues that it's not a scud. i saw a vid ONCE, that afternoon, from a side angle that clearly showed a plane skipping off the ground and into the pentagon. i'm among the biggest conspiracy theorists known to man, but this is ridiculous.

Justin_O_Guy said...

The 2.3 trillion dollars that nobody could account for? The records that were being audited ,hunting that money, were In the room that was hit. Of all the linear feet of perimeter of the Pentagon, it hit Right There. Howboutthatschitt?
I would have expected to see damage to the wall where each of those Biggass jet engines smashed into it. The shaft that runs from front to rear of the engine is not light duty stuff. The main gear on an airliner is not going to be evaporating, nor will they fail to leave a mark.
IDK What actually happened, but I'm quite certain it was Not what They TOLD us.
On impact, the wings Folded BACK? In a cartoon,maybe, but in real life, you stab the front end of the plane into a solid object and decrease the speed of the plane, the wings, not yet in contact with anything to impede their progress, will swing forward against the structure of the airframe as the airframe tries to keep them aligned as designed. The fuselage is an ALUMINUM tube. It's gonna crush like a beer can against such a wall. The engines and landing gear are quite robust and don't evaporate, if they Did, because they hit something so impossible to penetrate at speeds so great that they Would evaporate, there would have been NOTHING able to penetrate that wall. When the answer to
Where are the engines and the landing gear is
They evaporated
And the engines and the gear are the heaviest and most dense and strongest parts
Then the whole damned Thing would have to have evaporated.

So much evidence to destroy the official story exists. The iron microspheres in the dust of the fallen towers proves temperatures well over anything the Official explanation provides.
Building7 fell symmetrically, the penthouse could be seen to collapse, followed by the roofline.
Check out Richard Gage at
Architects and engineers are with him.

Crawfisher said...

The hole in the Pentagon wall, the engine parts removed were both too small to be a Boeing 757.
The 'pilot' who ws not trained could not have made the 270 degree turn and flew that level (that was published info).

It was a missle, not sure its a 'scud' but it was a missle.
IMHO sent by VP Cheney.

Phil said...

Finally, someone else who smells that rat Cheney.

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