Friday, October 29, 2021

The Time Has Come

I have been telling you for years that it was coming.
It's here, now.
The Shit Has Hit The Fan.
And it's coming at you hard and fast.

If you haven't even started preparing for what's coming you may still have just a little bit of time before the whole thing blows up completely.

Food, Fuel, Parts, Clothing, all of it is going through the roof as I type.
Our grocery bill has jumped over fifty dollars a week already since August Just on the crap my wife buys every week.
I saw a 3 pack of New York Steaks yesterday for $40 at Wally World.
Let that sink in.
It's DOUBLE what I paid for them in May.
It's way past time to let your inner  Major Prepper Nutjob self run wild and free.

1 comment:

craig majoros said...

Hey are so right, but I have to pull teeth at home to get the women folk to respond about stocking up on what ever they will need for their own comfort, like those lady things. I've been stocking up for years and have lots of food stuff, I can meat and veggies and dehydrate lots of things. Parts and bits, extra tires oil filters, extra propane, whatever I can fit into my school bus. I have a '78 monster IH diesel 5spd. I bought about 20 years ago for $700. and it runs like a champ. So I made it into my "Mobil Unit #1" and it's chockablock full of most anything I need. When I go to yard sales I buy old coolers for a couple of bucks and they make great storage containers. Anyway, I think you are right on, so keep on keeping on. Good luck and God Bless

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