Thursday, April 8, 2021

Got Fuel?

 I don't know where he is going to put all of that but I sure as shit wouldn't be storing it in the garage.


Glypto Dropem said...

That looks like the back of my pickup truck every six months when I turn over my gas supplies. I even have the same NATO O.D. green Jerry Cans. When its turnover time, Wifey is instructed to not buy gas, but tell me when she needs some and I will fill her tank. I have gotten dirty looks spending so much time at one pump, but no one has ever had the guts to confront me. Having RBF keeps the ne'er-do-wells at distance.

My gas is stored in a secured outbuilding 100' from the house.

Deathray said...

A friend had a couple 55 gallon drums he had filled in the fall. He lives in a area with no winter road maintenance so once the snow falls he’ll be cut off until spring. He needs to have gas on hand to fill up his snow machines. Well he told me that one was partially used and one night it got so cold that it it totally collapsed. Says it looks like it was run over by a dozer.

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