Friday, January 1, 2021

Portland, The New Venezuela!

 You know something?

The people that live over in Portland deserve every motherfucking thing they are going to get because they fucking asked for it.

They had the chance to get rid of that Pencil Necked Commie Wannabe Mayor AND that Commie Bitch Governor too.

But No.

They re-elected both of those sonsabitches. After downtown Portland was wracked with riots, violence, murder and arson for OVER 100 days straight, they just roll over, say LOL, and let's do it again.

Well peoples of Portlandistan, you get to reap what you sewed.

Oregon: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit

GP: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit Amid Massive Spike In Shootings And Stabbings; Fire Dept. Responding To 10+ Homeless Tent Fires A Day.

Yes, Virginia, Portland is continuing to slide further and further into 3rd world status. If you can believe it, the situation is actually getting worse, as we bring you the latest in Portland s***hole news.

The city is set to the the year with nearly 900 shootings. Yes, 900. Out of those, 225 people were hit, 53 ended up as homicides. In many other instances people were taken to hospitals, yet some didn’t want to cooperate with police. In other incidents there are only reports of shots fired and shells found on the ground, yet no victims. This is despite the state legislature passing several new gun control laws in recent years, including “universal background checks”, “red flag laws”, and others. This goes along with nearly 70 stabbings on the year. This is the worst crime the city has seen since the early 90’s crime peak.


I'll tell you what, I won't even go in to downtown Portland in broad daylight anymore.

There were already other sections of that town that I won't go into but now half of that entire city is a No Mans Land as far as I am concerned.

Even the North East side was overrun by those idjit BLAMTIFA motherfuckers and the absolute retards that follow them this last Summer.

Directly where I used to live and work at one time.

And it ain't going to get any better anytime soon either.

I'm really starting to think that instead of working to replace one of the 100+ year old bridges that cross the Columbia river from Vancouver into Portland, they ought to look into blowing it into the river instead to keep that vermin over there as much as possible.

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