Monday, October 12, 2020

Insurrection And Violence, A Citizens Guide . Save, Read, Pass It Along BEFORE The Election!

 I just went through this and I think this should be required reading for everybody.


MMinWA said...

If a violent mob gets with in 2 miles of my home, I sure as hell AM NOT bugging out. Nor will I retreat to some inner room in my home. I'm too old for that shit. People will die and yeah I might be one and that's life but bodies will begin to stack around my AO before I cross over.

Gassius Maximus said...

This does not look good to me as the Antifa and BLM movements are Marxist/Socialist backed and are heavily funded by leftist groups including the likes of Georgie-boy Soros.

I think it is largely a misdirection and misinformation.

I would recommend WRSA's link to ARIS books on the subject.

Plus, I am skeptical of anything with a Wash DC address these days.

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