Saturday, January 25, 2020

This Blog Still Serves A Purpose Every Single Day

I know I don't post here much anymore but I personally visit here multiple times a day, every single day, to keep tabs on what is going on in the Blogosphere and the Headlines in the news.
The automatic updating Blogroll is a very cool feature and I sincerely wish those dickheads over at Wordpress would get their heads out of their asses and offer one for their platform. Until they do, I will continue to swing by here to keep up with the goings on in the world.
In the mean time,


deb harvey said...

Cannot seem to comment on Wordpress don,t have password and can,t seem to get one
Is it magic?
My comment had to do with money for the unmdergroungpd economy. Said if all agree can use the USA dollar.s for underground after they are tossed out by the cashless economy people
Bill gates on tvtonight saying all nations should agree to making vaccine for this virus
He is such an underhanded sneak
I read that he generously drilled wells for Africans and then spiked the water with birth control
Who knows what diseases,and birth defects will be the results?

Phil said...

Hi Deb, long time no see, I hope all is well with you. Wordpress, Oh Boy, where to start with them?
I really can't seem to figure out the secret to them either and I have literally had a Wordpress account for ten years now.
Sometimes I can leave a comment and sometimes they just disappear into the ether.
Kenny Lane's place Knuckledragging My Life Away was the worst offender.
The option to be notified of other comments never worked, ever. When I would leave a comment, it would disappear. No message about waiting for moderation or anything. The only way I would know it actually published was to go back and check that post later and see if it showed up.
Other Wordpresss sites were a little better but I I still have issues with them.
I do have one recommendation for you that you can try.
Wordpress has an app that you can get as an add on and you can put it on your phone. It is what I did to use for my site. I get phone notifications every time someone leaves a comment, in theory. Sometimes I do, sometimes there is a big lag. In the mornings when I wake up is a good example. Some mornings after I pick up my phone to go have some coffee and a cigarette outside, a few minutes after I pick it up it will just start going off. Ten to twenty alerts all at once.
I have the app on my laptop also and use it to follow comments, moderate them and other tasks.
I don't have the link to where I got it handy but I can try and find it for you. That may help with your problem. Let me know if my reply here shows up for you and then I will see about finding it for you.

Phil said...

Check this out. You will need to make a Wordpress account but this app should allow you to stay logged in to Wordpress and that could possibly be the issue.

Try looking up some Youtubes about issues leaving comments on Wordpress sites.
I hope you get it fixed, I always enjoyed seeing you swing by and was wondering why I hadn't seen anything from you in a long time.

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