Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Newest Post Is Over At My New Wordpress Site

I have a shit ton of work to do to it but I have already imported all the old posts and their respective comments from here to there.

The biggest challenge is going to be the Blogrolls. Holy Mother of God.

I tried using the import tool and got an error message back, "XML Error: Comment must not contain '--' (double-hyphen) at line 602",
whatever the fuck that means and wherever the fuck line 602 would be escapes me.
In case you haven't noticed, a Computer Geek, I am not. If I have to manually import both blogrolls then it is going to be a long time before it gets completely done.

The one thing I am going to miss about Blogger is the automatically updating blogroll, that is an extremely cool function that I am pretty sure Wordpress does not have anything to replace with.

So if you are reading this and have a blog with me on your blogroll then I am asking nicely if you could update it for me please.
The new site's address is right here,

The Vulgar Curmudgeon

Please be patient with me, it is going to take me quite a while to get the place dialed in the way I want it to look but I will get there eventually.
I have used Wordpress in the past but never really got the hang of it and now I have to relearn what little I did know.

Either way, I will be phasing out here and in the not too distant future this will be yet another archived site for me with a link to my newest adventure in blogging.

No matter what though, the writing is on the wall where Google is concerned.

Adios motherfuckers.


Drake's Place said...

Moving is never fun...not even digital moving.

I will update to your new link.

Know what you mean about GooBlooger - hey I just made that up !!! --- I still write a lot in html cuz I think it's easier than their compose mode.

Anyway, you have my email, shoot me one, if I can help ya move, export and import I'll share whatever I know with you.

Anonymous said...

Phil, If you are not doing so already, I highly recommend you "harden" your wp blog. It is a great platform but not all that secure. I've had at least one compromised by script kiddies. More info here: https://wpengine.com/blog/15-ways-harden-wordpress-security/ I haven't used it in a while but chances are someone, somewhere has devised a plugin to auto update your blogroll. WP seems to have plugins for everything

Phil said...

Thanks a shit ton for that!
I'll be all over that when I get home from work tonight.

Comrade Misfit said...


Anonymous said...

l try delete EVERYTHING "google" off my PC, stay away from explorer and got firefox, to find they choked the damned thing with.... GOOGLE SCRIPTS..... (google = targeted advertising scripts and data harvesting for sale to anybody)

Brock Townsend said...

What problems did you have?

Phil said...

I just didn't like Google being able to delete anything they wanted if they didn't like what they saw.
If you do some searching, they did exactly that to some guy, deleted his blog but the worst was when they deleted everything that he had put on "the cloud" that Google had control over.

"Do no evil" seems to have turned into 'Don't piss us off".

Brock Townsend said...


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