Monday, August 7, 2017

Handy For When You Need To Beat Feet In A Hasty Retreat

Those fucking Chinese think of everything don't they?


Cederq said...

Damn those are clean trucks... I can see finding the exact center of the truck , but what happens if you have a irregular load that shifts and is off center of balance? Push harder to turn?

Klaus said...

They look like troop carriers. Everyone hop out,turn it and every hop in. Easy peasy. Or, the balance point is correlated with the weight of every one staying in the truck. Anyway I think it's a novel idea.

Anonymous said...

That is a slick concept alright. I imagine the Pentagon sees this and wants to install an automatic vehicle mounted system for their vehicles. All of this predicated on having a level road surface to work with of course.

Vietvet said...

I think those trucks could make a U-turn quicker than that.

Just sayin'.

: )

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