Friday, August 11, 2017

Doomsday Preppers Hit High Gear Over Fears Of WWIII

Right at the moment I'm not too worried about it, especially the radiation aspect of it.
We are getting bombarded with radiation from the fucking Fukushima plant over in Japan every day and you don't see the government saying anything about it. Although if we went big enough over there I'm sure the fallout clouds would travel completely around the planet and we would be getting a big dose of that.

If one or the other of us does start lobbing nukes TS is going to HTF and I would be more worried about Sheeple Panic Syndrome than anything else.

There are hundreds of millions of people in this country who do not even know what a manual fucking can opener is anymore.

Products Flying Off Shelves At Army Supply Store As Shoppers Prep For ‘World War III’

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – As the rhetoric ramps up over North Korea and nuclear weapons, the cash registers have been ringing at a local Army Supply store, where some are apparently prepping for a third World War.
Ben Orr, the manager of Joe’s Army Navy in Royal Oak, says he’s been selling a lot of “prepper items” over the past week or so.
“We’ve been very busy. Unusually busy, I’d say,” Orr told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill. “It’s definitely an increase, just in selling all the normal prepper stuff, end of the world stuff. A lot of water prep stuff, food, MREs — the military meals.”
And there’s been a substantial increase in the sale of a particular item they don’t sell much of — a so-called radiation antidote called potassium iodide.preppers Products Flying Off Shelves At Army Supply Store As Shoppers Prep For World War IIIBen Orr shows off a package of potassium iodide. (Credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ Newsradio 95)
“It actually stops your thyroid from absorbing any radiation. So, it fills your thyroid with iodine, which it normally does anyways,” said Orr. “Your body can’t tell the difference between bad, radioactive iodine and acceptable iodine, so it actually will stop you from getting thyroid cancer.”
The antidote is usually hard to find, but Orr’s store carries two brands.
“It’s supposed to work. It’s FDA approved. But they also recommend you don’t take it unless the government says to take it,” he said. “Unless people are scared of something, we don’t really ever sell it.”
Another popular request: gas masks. But most people looking for those will be out of luck.
“Gas masks are a big thing too, but we only sell them as novelty,” said Orr. “A lot of them are out of date and we don’t guarantee them to work.”
Orr said most people come in and make their purchases without giving any explanation, but a few people have mentioned North Korea.
“Some woman came in earlier and said she had to get it because of little Kim (Jong-un),” he said. “I don’t know if she was making a joke or just got it mixed up.”

As for me, it's Friday, I had to work late last night and then got called back in again after that and didn't get home until four this morning.
It's off to work yet again and I will be turning my phone off when I get home tonight so I can fall down and get some rest.
Maybe tomorrow I will have time to worry about World War 3. 


Dan said...

Comparing the fallout from a nuclear exchage to Fukushima is misleading. It is true that a significant amount of radiation from Fukushima has been released but that release has been OVER TIME....6.5 years to date AND it is going into the Pacific who it remains in suspension. Actual exposure from this for humans is minimal unless you eat beau coup sushi and seafood from the Pacific. The radiation from an exchange of warheads enters the atmosphere and travels further and faster. It will more akin to the plume we saw released from Chernobyl. Now there were over 500 atmospheric tests of nuclear devices done over about an 18 year period. Certain cancers DID increase as a result of those tests but life as we know it continued. A nuclear exchange of even a hundred warheads will NOT in and of itself destroy humanity. The resulting economic collapse and loss of modern technology will kill far more than the war. And while I am no rocket scientist I DO play with radiation for a little.

Sambo said...

The daily release of radiation from Fukushima is the equivalent of 6.45 Hiroshima bombs directly into the atmosphere and Pacific ocean. Three melted- through cores of the destroyed reactors equal 600 Tons. Fukushima is a ELE or Extinction level event.

Drake's Place said...

Hell, if WW3 comes, I wanna 'go out' like Slim Pickens at the end of "Dr. Strangelove,"..riding bomb like a horse and waving a bix texas hat :)

Dan said...

Bullshit. If it was an extinction level event where are all the dead bodies? All that radioactive material was not CREATED to use at Fukushima. It was GATHERED UP from all over the planet where it already existed and then concentrated so it would get hot ( that's the whole point behind a nuclear pile...heat). Now the Pacific is
dispersing that material all over the oceanic part of the planet. You are in no more danger now from that material than you are from the dispersed material that is ALL OVER THE GREAT BASIN DESERT of the US or any other place where uranium ore exists. The phrase "the solution to the pollution is dilution" PERFECTLY explains why Fukushima is NOT an "extinction level event". Your ONLY credible risk from that place is eating sushi and seafood. If you avoid products from the Pacific you are a THOUSAND TIMES more likely to get cancer from a CAT scan of you belly than from Fukushima.

Morons like you crowed about how Chernobyl was an "extinction level event" 31 years ago...and you idiots were just as wrong then as you are now.

bogsidebunny said...

Potassium iodide capsules bring back memories. Many years ago I was living in Ireland and the government was so sure the Brit Nuclear facility, Sellafield across the Irish sea was going to melt down they distributed packets of the Potassium Iodide to all residents of the country. Today after 18 years the tablets have long since gone out of date and Sellafield is still chugging along.

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