Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few months it is hard not to see what passes for news around these parts,
That news has been saturated lately with reports of violent protests and counter protests with the unfortunate loss of life of one female ANTIFA member in Charlottesville Virginia being the first of what is now obviously going to be the death of many Americans in the upcoming festivities.

It is now out of control and the fight has been joined on both sides.

Government and law enforcement agencies have now been proven without a doubt to be backing these sometimes openly Communist motherfuckers and the bell continues to toll calling for more hostilities.

The Left in this country have crossed the line of no return at this point and every day you see more insanity run amok.

What is inevitably going to happen is that they are going to start what they can't finish and there is going to be retribution meted out in large doses.

Since one of their identifying traits is a complete lack of knowledge about history they don't have the ability to look to that history and see that Newtons third law of motion is a constant.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The pendulum always swings two ways.

Apparently they were also denied this little bit of wisdom as they were being spoon fed their Socialist Pablum,

"Old age and treachery wins over youth and vigor every time".

This ANTIFA bunch is going to fuck around and start pissing off large amounts of regular people and that is when they are going to lose.

Blocking major freeways and causing traffic back ups so they can show off is one guaranteed way to do that.

Visiting physical violence on peaceful protesters with a permit with the tacit approval if not active backing of a state government and it's law enforcement is another way.

Just to be clear here, I in no way condone anyone affiliated with Nazism or the White Supremacy movement.
Being white does not automatically make one supreme at anything and Nazism is just as bad as Communism in my book.

Trying to erase history is a pathetic attempt to deny your own heritage no matter what your family history is.
If you are an American then all that has happened in this country whether good or bad is part of your heritage and trying to remove the physical reminders of that across the country only proves to me that the education system in this country is broken beyond repair.

Education has been replaced by indoctrination and functional illiteracy.

You are just smart enough to be dangerous to yourselves.

That this great civil disturbance is being fomented by a bunch of fucking Commies, their sympathisers and wannabe's is what is going to be
what brings huge numbers of Americans together to remind you little assholes that we have burned entire cities to the ground over that shit before.

Just keep in the back of your ignorant little minds that We the People have enough weaponry that it scares the living shit out of our own government when they stop looting the place long enough to think about it.

I suppose if I think about it a certain way that you might actually be starting something that winds up being good for this country in the long run.
We might just be able to clean house and get rid of a whole bunch of useless and parasitic cocksuckers of all shapes and sizes at one go.

So here it is you Commie Fucks,

You want blood?
You got it.


Anonymous said...

Here's a weird one......
Our local county (here in OR) stated that in they're council meeting, they processed 10 applications for permits to "perform animal sacrifices during the eclipse on Monday". WHAT THE HECK ! ! !
This was just one county. What's going on across the rest of the country???

David Drake said...

Very well stated, Phil.

And somehow I knew before I got to the bottom "You Want Blood, You Got It" would be referenced or shown/played. :)

Anonymous said...

it going to be too many different sides

retreat to a safe zone and survive


Eclectic Kelvin said...

I imagine the Left will continue to engage until the point they start to lose in a big way, then as always they will want to stop and negotiate so they wont be under fire anymore. They will wait for a amount of time until they see the right calm down and then they will start it up all over again. And the right will fall for it again and again and again unless the right shows no mercy and puts a stop to it once and for all.

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