Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Timeless Message

Good on ya girl.

The first two jobs I ever had were in food service.
I started out washing dishes.
That didn't last too long.
The second job, of all things, was me being a Short Order cook at a medium sized restaurant that specialized in breakfasts at the tender age of 19.

I worked my ass off.

There were two waitresses and I kept them both running.
Not only did we do breakfast, I did lunches and dinners too.
Made french fries one fucking potato at a time in a little press cutter hanging on the wall, made hash browns by the pound, broasted chicken, made oyster stew and all kinds of shit.

To this day I can remember just how much fun it was to brick that hot motherfucking grill every day.

That place is still open down in North Bend Oregon, it's right across the street from where the huge chip pile was at the now closed Weyerhaeuser lumber mill my Grandfather worked at for 25 years.They tore down most of the mill that was literally a mile long years ago and now there is an Indian Casino there.
I stopped in there for breakfast a while back when I had to go down there for my Grandmothers funeral.
They still make a killer breakfast.

Since I have experienced the amount of work, stress and asshole customers these people have to deal with every fucking day, I ALWAYS tip well.
My wife tries to argue about it every time we eat out and every time I ignore her and tip well anyway.

I would have to receive extremely bad service before I wouldn't leave a tip and to be honest, if it was that bad I would be saying something right to the servers face first.

So good on ya Ashley, even if this was from years ago, someone raised that girl right and her date was a fucking jerk.


  1. If the service is good, we tip generously.

    If the service is bad, we cut the tip back.

    And if the service is HORRIBLE, we won't tip at all.

    And yes, we take into account how busy the place is.

  2. Was the place you worked called smokeys at one time? I remember eating there as a kid. In the 60's. Was born in Coos Bay and we lived North Bend on Grant street in what I believe was called airport height's. Lots of dunes behind our house.

    1. I do believe it was called Smokey's at one time.
      I know the area you lived in well.
      One set of my Grandparents lived two blocks from the old Motorvue Drive in.
      I'm sure you remember that one also.
      Hell, we might have gone to school together at one point!

    2. Now that I think about it, we probably did go to school together at some point, I think I was in almost every school in the North Bend, Empire and Coos Bay area at least once.

    3. I remember a grade school called Roosevelt. We moved after 3rd grade. 1969. We would hike from our house south through the woods to empire lake. Don't remember it being that far. Maybe it was. Things are a bit hazy, it has been a while.

    4. I went to Roosevelt briefly too but it sounds like you are a few years younger than I am, more my little brothers age.
      If you hiked from Airport Heights clear to Empire Lakes that was quite a little journey but not too bad cutting across the back way. That was back when you could still be a kid. We lived in the L&M apartments right next to the airport at one time when I was really little.
      We lived all over that entire area back then actually, my Dad was in construction so we were always moving around. I wound up going to 12 different schools but by 1969 we were in Portland. We moved back in '72.
      I thinks it's pretty cool that someone from my Home Town actually stops by here and would like to thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

    5. That's damn straight- "back when you could still be a kid". We grew up in good times. I fear my grandkids will never know the fun of just "playing" for hours on end with no worries in the world. A hike to empire lake with my older brother and friends was a great adventure through those woods. I still remember playing army in those dunes behind our house.
      I come to your site almost daily. We think alike, and we are both getting fed up with the shit. Keep posting, and I will keep coming back. Take care and thank you.

  3. I tip well in restaurants, which is why I gravitate to 'fast food joints', lol. But I totally get you - people who deal with customers who have endless extra demands (can you bring me ----) while you have other customers alone is worth the extra money. When you have to bus those tables in addition to that - you are working hard.

    So yeah - give the people a little reason to be happy. You give money to people in the street for doing absolutely nothing - these people earned their reward.

  4. If I can't afford to tip well, I can't afford to go out to eat.

    My daughter and her husband run a place in CA. Killer hours, but there's money to be made.


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