Friday, July 28, 2017

Starting With Your Name

I ain't kidding either.
For one thing I am damn near deaf in one ear and I can't hear for shit out of the other one either anymore.

It drives people crazy sometimes but it really drives me nuts because I have to ask people to repeat themselves constantly. It's really bad if there is a bunch of back ground noise, like at work.
Half the time I am half assed reading peoples lips when they are talking to me and if you aren't facing me when you are talking then I can damn near guarantee that I am not going to understand a fucking thing you say.
It does come in handy occasionally though when someone is running off at the mouth and not really saying anything.
I just tune their asses out completely and I will do it while looking them right in the face too.

When I say it starts with your name I'm not kidding for two reasons actually.
The first one is that I am committing your face to memory when I first meet you and don't even bother to listen to what your name is right away for another.

Names change easily, faces not so much.
I have recognized people from thirty years ago before, out of a crowd.
I can always ask you what your name is.

Here's a dirty little trick I read about years ago that you can use in a pinch if you can't remember someones name.

Ask them what their name is, really.
When they answer and sound put out shake your head and tell them you meant their last name. They will then feel better thinking that you hadn't forgotten their first name and will rattle their last name right off.

You will then have their first and last names.

Works like a charm.

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