Friday, July 28, 2017

Just A Quick Message On This 'Cultural Appropriation " Bullshit I Am Seeing Lately

Listen up you permanently butthurt morons, you are really reaching with this crap.
"Cultural Appropriation"?


Take a look in the mirror you stupid motherfuckers and ask yourself where your clothes came from.
That hairdo you have?
How about the car you drive?
What about the music you like?
Do you like to eat?
Have you come up with your very own and exclusive recipes that no one else has ever heard of?

I thought not.

Just once I would really love for one of you pig ignorant cocksuckers to get in my face with your nonsense so I could absolutely destroy you in under one minute.

Go back to your safe space and try a little harder for something to get wound up about.
If you can't come up with something on your own then feel free to swing by and I will give you enough shit to be butthurt about to last you for several generations to come.

Stupid fucking assholes.

Take a big suck outta my ass and then go fuck yourselves silly.


Sam Vittoria said...

Right on !

deborah harvey said...

all these distractions are red herrings.
they are loaded onto a conveyor belt and will keep spewing out one after the other.
they are distractions to keep you het up.
they are the fount from which the useful idiots drink. keeps them up to date on what to cry about and what to raise dust about.
they won't go away but you will be more peaceful if you ignore them.
[keep an eye on them, though. know your enemy.]
if they get too close do away with them in some manner for which you cannot be arrested.

Anonymous said...

No, don't hold back. Tell us what you really think.

Phil said...

Don't fuckin worry, I will.

Anonymous said...

Sunday nite and I've culturally appropriated bum wear, wearing old cutoff sweatpants, black t-shirt and every f@@iiing fan going as it is f#ckin" hot at 10pm. I hope bums show up and protest in the morn so I can throw steak bones and soggy cigars at them. Game of Thrones was f#ckin' great tonite.

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