Friday, July 21, 2017

Creative Genius Or Nucking Futz, You Decide

This contraption will do 50 miles an hour!


drjim said...

They're pulse jets, like the V1 "Buzz Bomb" used. Very easy to build.

And most of that tube glows red hot after they've been running a few minutes....

Phil said...

I know what it is, it's just that it's a pretty large one for the application in my book.
I'm also not seeing a whole lot of braking ability readily apparent.

Gotta give the crazy bastard credit for creativity though.


bogsidebunny said...

No Helmet or leather gear at 50mph

Andrew said...

I discovered pulse jets when I was 12, during an explosive phase of my childhood. Friends decided to blow up an island with a barrel of gas and some home-made black powder.

They were cleaning out a barrel with some gasoline, and had it laying on its side with both bung holes open. One of them dared me to toss a match in, and I did. Sucker pulse-fired and moved about 4 feet across the grass. Yep, accidentally discovered the pulse jet. Whoohoo!!!

The retired Colonel (and aerospace engineer) who lived behind me gave us a 6 hour lecture and tutorial on the development of early jet engines.

I loved my childhood, at least some aspects of it. And I still remember the formula for black powder. Hurhurhur...

Anonymous said...



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