Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More Clever Storage, 18 Power Tools Stored On 1 Rotating Table With 1 Pull Out Drawer

I'm liking this concept.

I sort of did something along this line of thinking last weekend when I mounted my benchtop drill press, belt sander/disc sander combo, my 1 inch wide belt sander and a tiny little 3 inch bench grinder all on the framework of that giant band saw my neighbor gave me.
I did have to drill 4 holes in it to mount two lengths of 2X2 angle iron to it but it already had a plywood cover on the back half. All I did was stiffen up the mounting of that.
Oh, I also threw my metal chop saw down underneath.
That cleared up a lot of clutter but this here takes that idea to a whole new level.

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SiGraybeard said...

Nice idea, but it looks cramped to me. Think of the work overhanging the tools and whether it bangs into another tool. Maybe larger diameter would help?

I've seen flip top stands that hold either two or three tools and you rotate the thing to put the one you want on the top so you can work with it. With two tools, they're on top/bottom, and with three, they're on the sides of a triangle. Only one is on the top at a time. Another trick is to put tools on boards and either clamp them to the workbench or use a dovetail cut on both the sides and the boards so that they slide into the rails on the table.

Check out this one just for the idea. Sorry for the commercial link. It was all I could find in a few minutes.

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