Sunday, June 25, 2017

Going To The Show

Wish you were here.

99 degrees outside right now and we have to go to that liberal shithole called Portland to see it but this is the closest you will ever get to seeing a Pink Floyd concert again without Divine Intervention.

Holy fuck, what a show.
If you can ignore his political bullshit and just enjoy the music and effects like I did then I would strongly suggest you go see that shit.

Words don't do it justice.
It's an experience.


taminator013 said...

Saw them once in the early seventies. WOW! What made it extra special was that you didn't need to do any illicit drugs, the smoke was so thick in the Syria Mosque that you got a contact high.........

BTW - It wasn't a real muzzie mosque. It was owned by the Masonic Shriners........

Cirze said...

Me too, sweetie.

Say "Hi!" to Rog for me.

Phil said...

Lucky you.
I wanted to go to their last tour in Vancouver BC but it didn't work out.
One of the greatest regrets of my entire life missing that.

Phil said...

Gonna be a good time even if it is scorching hot.

idahobob said...

Saw the Floyd in 1971 at Winterland. Just before the release of "Meddle".

Like the Chambers Brothers sang..........I was psychedelosized!


drjim said...

Saw them in Chicago at Soldier Field for their "Animals" tour.

The best part, besides the fact you didn't have to light up your own, was when they blew up the giant inflatable pig at the end of one set.

taminator013 said...

Must have been the same tour as when I saw them. Or maybe the tour before since they played songs from "Meddle" when I saw them.................

Anonymous said...

I saw Pink Floyd at the Nassau Coliseum for the "Wish You Were Here" tour and then saw Roger Waters do "The Wall Live In Berlin" in 1990. Yeah, you've got to put Roger's politics aside. Didn't know about his politics back then, though. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Saw Roger Waters in Nampa Idaho of all places 17 0r 18 years ago.
Awesome show,stuff was smoked indoors.
It was about 10 minute drive from my front door to the Idaho Center.
Was the Soldier Field concert in '87?
I had a choice in '87 to make move from Illinois to Idaho or hang around and wait for the Chicago concert.
Tickets were in hand,rides lined up ,juice and snacks for the long drive up to liberal land all set.
I moved to Idaho.
And still got to see Roger Waters ! LOL!
Sound was fantastic.

drjim said...

The "Animals" album was released in January of 1977, and based on the memories of the young lady I took, the tour would have been in the summer of 1977.

Irish said...

Glad it was a good show. I have to put aside my disdain for his political stance so I can enjoy his music. Many other singers and most actors don't get that leeway from me. :-)

Anonymous said...

The last concert I went to 15 years ago was this political hack. I do not need him or any entertainer, on stage with MY money for tickets to watch and be entertained, saying one damn word on politics. IT AINT WORTH IT

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