Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fat Drunk And Stupid Is Obviously A Viable Alternative Mr. Wormer

Damn, Flounder went tits up.

You gotta remember this,

Animal House came out the year I graduated high school and it was supposed to be a parody of college life but we were right there and still only in high school.
Shortly after the movie debuted it inspired a giant food fight in the cafeteria at good old Marshfield High School that cost several hundred dollars to clean up, caused the cafeteria to be closed for a week and resulted in the expulsion of several students.

As I recall it was fairy early in the second quarter and we pretty much terrorized that school all year long. It was epic.

I even got kicked out finally, two weeks before graduation and I got booted pretty much for that two week period.
It's the only reason I graduated though.
It gave me the time and impetus to write three term papers for three different classes I was failing and I wound up graduating by the skin of my teeth with a 1.2 GPA.

I used to frustrate and infuriate my teachers because every single one of them knew I was smarter than hell but that was the problem too.

I was bored to tears in high school and all it was to me was a glorified mandatory baby sitting service.

Ten years later I went back to college and smoked it with a 3.7 GPA after 3 years in a 2 year school.
I got accepted to an exclusive Ford Motor Co. program at the end of my first year that only came around every two years.
I graduated Phi Theta Kappa, made the Who's Who in Junior Colleges honor roll and the Deans List about five times.

All while half fucking drunk the whole damn time.

So yes Mr. Wormer, it kinda is an option and Rest In Peace Mr. Furst.

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