Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Critically Important News Every Gun Control Proponent Must See Immediately

There is a new report out based on a study that estimates the real number of guns being legally owned in this country to be over 600 million.

Combine that with an estimated 25 TRILLION rounds of ammo in private hands.

Theses numbers are estimates of course because it is physically impossible to get actual numbers but I certainly hope they fuel many a sleepless night in the ranks of the gun control crowd.

Keep on tilting at those windmills people.

You could pass laws banning guns completely at this point and the only sounds you would hear would be laughter and the metallic clicking of millions of rounds being chambered.



  1. More deer hunters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania than there are active Military. More than there are police in the country.

    Plus handgun and shotgun owners.

    Even if half of the gun owners sit it out, there are still more of us than of them.

    Won't be long before everyone on the Confiscation teams is gone, injured or quits.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Sorry, 25 trillion rounds is an absurdly high number for even 600 million guns. 1 trillion is 1 million million, so this is 25 million, million rounds for 600 million guns. Divide each side by 1 million, and that equates to 25 million rounds for 600 guns, which is about 41,667 rounds per gun. That's quite high for a supposed "gun nut," let alone a country-wide average.

    Now, if it was 25 BILLION rounds, that'd be 41 rounds per gun. That's low, but far closer to reality than 41,000 plus per gun. FYI, the entire ammo industry doesn't make more than about 20 billion rounds/year for the public, so I could see a store of 50-100 billion being accumulated over the course of a number of years.

    1. Yeah, that's what I get for using the info from the article.
      I thought it sounded way too high myself but I was being lazy.

      I'm going to leave it alone though for the liberal fucks.
      Anything that puckers their assholes works for me.


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