Monday, June 12, 2017

A Clever New Band Aid /Tape That Replaces Stitches

I found some on Amazon but they only had 15 at the time I posted this.
I'm going to check and see if my local Wally World has some so I can put them in all my First Aid kits.
Look for these;
3M Steri-Strip reinforced Skin Closures - 1/2" x 4"

The future of stitches


Anonymous said...

Very cool ! Appears to beat the twisting duct tape strip to make DIY butterfly strips. Thanks for posting this.

idahobob said...

I see a major expenditure in my future.


SiGraybeard said...

Cool find! I have some of the old-style steri-strips, but this looks like a really big improvement. Like idahobob says, I can see some expenditures in my future.

deb harvey said...


Reg T said...

You can do this with the older style of Steri-strips (which were "reinforced" also, but this style would make it easier to do it quickly and more accurately). If you use these, remember that the edges of the laceration need to be _close_ to each other, but not pushed up hard against each other, or you'll end up with a raised, "ridged" scar. It's called "approximating the wound edges".

Dan said...

These are not appropriate for many types of lacerations. We generally use them to close small, neat skin openings made by scalpels during minor procedures. The vast majority of lacerations due to injury require sutures. You can buy many medical devices online. You CANNOT buy the proper experience on when and how to use them. That requires training AND time on task.....real world exposure to trauma care.

Phil said...

They gotta beat the cotton rag and electrical tape I've used so many times over the years. I considered myself lucky if there were butterfly bandages available.

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